Balcony Bar by Garces Events

Balcony Bar 300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 Outdoor Summer Pop Up Bar @ The Kimmel

Balcony Bar is the Philly’s new outdoor Summer Pop Up at the Kimmel Center of the Performing Arts. The outdoor balcony boasts views of City Hall and the Ave- nue of the Arts, connected to the indoor Lounge, with floor to ceiling windows and overlooking the Plaza of the Kimmel Center. SIGNATURE DISHES Nashville Chicken, Meatball and Black Bean Burger Sliders, Margherita Pizza, Shoestring Fries

SIGNATURE COCKTAILS The Balcony - Blood Orange Vodka, Pink Peppercorn, Ginger Beer The Terrace- Green Apple Vodka, Almond, Lemonade

PRIVATE EVENTS Host a semi-private event, either indoors in the Lounge or outdoors on the Ter- race, on Thursdays and Fridays during operational hours from 20 people up to 75 with access to a private bar. While the Balcony and Tier 2 are event spaces open year round for private events whether it be a Cocktail Party, Wedding, or Corpo- rate Event. Participate in the voucher program, or select items from the menu for an array of food displayed on a station.

Balcony Capacity: The Balcony 20 guests in a semi-private area

The Lounge Capacity: 20- 75 guests in a semi-private area

Full Capacity Up to 300 Cocktail Reception; 230 Seated

Seasonal Hours of Operation Wednesday- Friday 5pm- 9pm

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