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Description Print recruiting helps to maintain a consistent message in your territory. And that message is that you are always looking for qualified candidates. Print and display are the tools that you will utilize to help FIND employees , as we discussed at the beginning of this book. Molly Maid offers a variety of materials to fit your needs and you’ll want to rotate these from time-to-time. Best Practices We all benefit from shared information. Below are examples that have been successfully used by Molly Maid owners over the years. If you have something you would like added to the list feel free to let us know.  Putting flyers around community announcing Open House for Hiring  Now Hiring! Magnets on autos  Posting Phone Number Tear-Off Flyers in laundry mats and grocery stores  Posting Phone Number Tear-Off Flyers in Hispanic grocery stores  Door hangers in Hispanic communities  Posting Now Hiring Flyers at the bus station and bus stops  Passing out business cards when meeting potential employees in the community. If you receive great service, why not try to recruit that individual?  Putting out A-Frame sign. This could be in front of your office or a little bit down the street. Be mindful of local restrictions regarding signs.  Look for local hot spots for hiring boards. Unemployment offices, churches, libraries, college campuses.  Take print information to a local job fair. Bring applications with you in order to interview immediately.

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The following pages are your resources for your print and display library. Molly Maid will update this as needed.

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