Great Recruiting Plan With unemployment rates peaking around 2010 and steadily declining, Molly Maid owners find themselves in a tough position when it comes to recruiting staff. The pool of active job seekers and applicants is getting smaller and smaller. The only bright side to this equation is that your competition is faced with the same challenges. It’s now time to separate yourself from these competitors and make sure that you have a great recruiting plan. Recruiting employees is very similar to a solid marketing plan. You will want to spend the time up front putting together a strategy that makes sense for your business and then set it in motion. You won’t do your business any favors by continuously turning this plan on and off depending on the time of year. Sure, you might make adjustments, but you should never turn the switch off. When it comes to your recruiting plan keep these three pieces in mind: ing Employees This is the part of the plan that is focused on finding employees in order to let them know you’re looking to hire. Potential employees must see your advertisements when they aren’t necessarily looking. You are telling and selling to them that they want a job. o A-Frame Signs o Flyers/Phone number tear-offs o Magnets on your cars o Business cards ready to hand out to people  Being When a potential employee is looking for a job, can they find you? This is a critical piece due to the fact that all will be lost in your efforts if future employees simply cannot find you when searching. A large portion of your budget is typically spent in this category. o o YaSabe o Facebook o Craigslist  ing Employees After recruiting your employees the growth of your business will depend on your ability to keep your business fully-staffed. Just like a poor PC rate with customers, high turnover and the inability to maintain your staff can wreak havoc on your operations. Being honest and self- aware are keys to understanding how much improvement is needed. o Office culture  Office appearance and organization  Posters  Overall environment – positive and employee-centric  Meetings/Celebrations o Incentives/Bonuses  One-time clean conversion bonuses  PC rate bonuses  Sales incentives This Inspire & Hire document is designed to put all of your recruiting needs at your fingertips. The plan is to utilize this tool as a living and breathing document with quarterly updates. Feel free to share your personal tips and stories if you would like something added to this booklet. 

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