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Description Change the Culture, Change the Game. Corporate Culture Survival Guide. The Culture Secret. These are just a few examples of the thousands of books written on the importance of your office culture. One of the crucial components to your Great Recruiting Plan is to KEEP your employees. Analyzing the time and energy put into training and interviewing can make your head spin. Keeping your employees longer will help to make sure that your efforts are rewarded.

Best Practices

It’s no surprise that businesses with low turnover have an easier time growing sales. Look at the list below to see if you have any opportunities.  Host weekly meetings to keep the staff informed  Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special events once a month. Bring in a Costco cake at one of your weekly meetings to celebrate all of the occasions.  Recognize and reward customer compliments. Hand out $$ or lottery tickets for great Listen 360 scores or for customer praise.  Recognize the Employee of the Month. Allow them to have a special parking spot when possible.  Properly train your people to give them the confidence to succeed.  Hold employees accountable. Your hard-working staff will appreciate this!  Teach your employees how to make more money.  Play team building games during your meetings.  Showcase Molly Maid posters throughout the office  Create picture boards detailing employee length of employment. Place pictures of 1 year staff together, 2 year staff together, and so on.

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