FyzicalElPaso: Experiencing Chronic Headaches Or Migraines?


June, 2020



If youor someone you love is apart of this group– I feel your pain. While thankfully, I’mnot a frequent flier, I have had run-ins withmigraines in the past, and I understand that they are no joke. I first encountered migraines as a student. I was broke so I volunteered for drug studies to make ends meet. Pharmacy companies paid very well. On this one, I noticed a headache that came on slowly and wouldn’t go away as the day went on – in fact, it kept getting gradually worse. The nursedirecting the study couldn’t giveme any sort of headachemedication due to the research protocol, and by the end of the day, my mild headache had turned into a full-blown, blinding migraine. It was sobad thatmywifehad tocome to pickme upbecause I was in no condition todrive. I recall being unable to step off a curve. I could not believe the pain! Unfortunately, too often, common migraine sufferers relate to this story. Migraines are interesting to treat, partly because experienced migraines sufferers are typically sophisticated consumers who have tried many treatment methods with varying success. We begin by taking a thorough history. Details matter. Medications may have an undesirable side effect and make you feel bad. This is a common reason why patients turn to PT – other treatments haven’t worked, the headaches are too frequent, and we ask can something else help? It’s not uncommon to see a desperate sense of frustration. These actually end up being some of our best patients because, to put it bluntly, treating migraines takes work. It is tedious, time- consuming, and takes a lot of patience. (continued inside)

Happy Father’s Day! A dad is a man who helps to set the standards, the family values and the example. Dads eagerly accept and cherish the role of creating a healthy, happy and successful environment for their kids. Who signs up for a job with zero pay? You do! FYZICALwants to say thanks to all thedads out there.


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