WIDE RANGE MAK grants a wide warehouse stock, many available items compatible with most of the vehicles currently on the market.

MANYCARSHAVENOSPAREWHEELATALL Spare wheel is not a standard equipment and has been replaced by anti puncture liquids. Most people do not know that and realize it only when a tire puncture occurs. IT’S A NON SEASONAL PRODUCT You can sell spare wheels all year long: for example, just before summer/winter holidays (you can offer it during the car check-up). EASY TO SELL Increase your sales with our No Problem Kit it is easy to fit, doesn’t require mounting or any extra accessories, so sales staff doesn’t need any specific technical knowledge and can be sold by anyone. ALL IN ONE Inside you can find everything you need all-in-one: bag, space-saving spare wheel, jack, universal key, jack bag, elastic cord and gloves.

EASY TO FIND The compatible No Problem Kit is easy to find thanks to an always updated technical catalogue.

POS MATERIAL Dedicated promotional material and tools are available to support the sales.

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