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DARK CHOCOLATE CAN BENEFIT YOU! NEWSLETTER Health & Wellness Newsletter March, 2020 When enjoying your favorite desserts, keep in mind that dark chocolate actually has a lot of health benefits – much more than milk chocolate. So, when ordering that slice of cake at the restaurant or buying ingredients to make a treat for your family, give dark chocolate a try!

What can dark chocolate do for me? A bar of dark chocolate is actually more nutritious than you may think. If it has a high cocoa content, then it will also contain a good amount of soluble fiber and minerals. The bioactive compounds found in the cocoa of dark chocolate have also been known to improve blood flow and can help lower blood pressure. In turn, increased blood flow results in higher brain function, allowing you to stay sharp during the winter season. Additionally, dark chocolate actually has a variety of powerful antioxidants – even more so than some fruits! Dark chocolate and pain relief. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of dark chocolate is that it can help relieve pain – seriously! The improved blood circulation that dark chocolate brings is a natural pain relief remedy. When blood is circulating efficiently through the body, it prevents muscles from becoming tight and resulting in discomfort. The act of eating

chocolate also releases several “feel-good” hormones in your body, which naturally eases pain. So, you get the benefits of feeling good eating a sweet treat AND relieving pain in your body! Want more health information? Performance Therapy Institute has you covered! Of course, like any sweet treat, dark chocolate is best enjoyed in moderation – this is the most effective way to enjoy the benefits.

If you have more questions about nutritious ways to stay healthy, don’t hesitate to contact Performance Therapy Institute today! We’ll be more than happy to provide you with tips and tricks for improving your health! OUR PROGRAMS & SERVICES

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