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Because of an inhibited child­ hood, my husband has many in­ securities. Although I give him no reason to mistrust me, he often searches through my purse and opens my mail. I am an­ noyed by his suspicions. What can I do? rL.M. Dear L .M .: Try leaving a short note in your purse saying something like th is: “ Honey, I love you dearly and I am trying to be the wife you want and need.” Or place a few o f your letters on his desk with a brief note saying, “ Thought you might enjoy read­ ing these.” Perhaps the reassur­ ance o f a love that cares and shares is what your husband needs most. Above all, be a chan­ nel fo r God’s love. He is our security! Dear Ruth: I want to be faithful to Christ, but / am so involved in church activities that my head whirls. I am not doing any of the jobs adequately, yet I feel guilty when I say “no” to another des­ perate plea for help. Is my at­ titude wrong? J.B. Dear J.B. : A sanctified no may often be more in keeping with God’s will than a pressured yes. God asks us to give what we have, not what we haven’ t o f time, talent, energy and money. If you are sincerely giving the best that you have and are, you certainly need not carry a false guilt. Pray instead fo r the awakening o f the many unconcerned Chris­ tians who are doing so little— who could be doing so much. (made by forcing through a ric- er. It’s a small amount o f trouble but worth it). Make bunny ears with split almonds. Use cloves for eyes, paprika fo r nose and mouth, and make cotton-tail from pimento cheese softened with a little cream. Garnish with a tiny carrot and parsley fo r a top. Serve with mayonnaise. Serves six.

there is nothing wrong in that. Do not the trees the same? They deck with green lace the branches that were bleak, bare and ugly.” The middle ground is to be dressed in good taste, to reflect the loveli­ ness o f spring and to emphasize our Lord’s resurrection. Whether or not you buy a hat, wear an old one, or none at all, the spirit o f Easter, the message o f hope, should fill our Sun­ day with an overwhelming joy ! COM ING UP: MOTHERS DAY A reader, Mrs. Raymond Edwards o f Calvary Bible Church in Berne, Indiana, writes about a darling idea for mother and daughter banquets, or teas, that will be soon in arriv­ ing. Would your readers be interested in knowing how easy it is to make the fancy crepe paper nut cups? Cut strips across the flat rolls of paper, a little wider than the height of nut cup to be used. Using your narrow pleater sewing machine at­ tachment, sew each strip a little off center the length of strip. One can also use a two-color combination, running both strips through the machine at once. Cut the pleated strips into lengths to fit around nut cups, glue or staple in place. If two colors are used, cut the top strip a little narrower, to show both pretty colors.

TO BUY A HAT OR NOT TO BUY A HAT O nce - upon - a - time there were two women. Once every year, at the people to see exactly what they had chosen to wear. One woman not only bought a hat but also a dress, purse and shoes to match! The other woman dropped hints, phoned and generally s p r e a d it around that she would not buy any­ thing new. In fact, she let it be known she would wear her oldest dress and her oldest hat.

Easter, they came to church fo r all

Now on Easter Sunday morning both came to church. Both looked down their noses at each other. And both missed every single word o f the this Easter? The two women were extremes: the one, with her new outfit, never gave o f her life, time or talents to the Lord all year long. The other continually reminded people o f how “ spiritual” she was because o f her old dress and hat. What about us This Easter? It was Peter Marshall who said, “What is this mysterious, strange, joyous influence which seems to per­ meate everything this time o f year? We have different ways o f express­ ing Easter. Some o f us don new clothes with brighter colors. Surely

BU NN Y SALAD 1 package lime jelio, set firm 6 pear halves 4 Tablespoons cottage cheese Mayonnaise Lettuce 6 almonds Soft pimento cheese Parsley

For each salad fill pear half with cottage cheese. Invert on lettuce leaves which have been covered with shredded lime jelio

From : Mrs. 0 . W. Jenkins, Plainview, Texas in MEAL S FROM THE MANSE.



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