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can anolder woman nava security?

. . . a talented performer, experi­ enced in dramatics, as a composer, pianist-vocalist, and as a recording artist. Joyce Landorf also finds com­ plete satisfaction in her role as an enterprising housekeeper, mother, and wife of a successful business-


And a man shall be as an hiding- place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land (Isaiah 32:2). I. Every Man’s Need of a Hiding Place 1. From the displeasure of God. All have sinned and God is holy. 2. From the accusations of his own conscience. Conscience sometimes sleeps but it never dies; the time of awakening comes. 3. From the - power of sin within. No man is able in his own strength to overcome the evil within. 4. From the power of Satan. 5. From the wrath of God. Many in this day do not believe in the wrath to come. a. The Bible teaches it and it is safe to depend upon the Bible. b. Common sense also teaches it. II. Christ and Refuge Every Man Needs 1. Christ is a refuge from the dis­ pleasure of God (John 3:36). 2. Christ is a refuge from the accu­ sations of conscience. 3. Christ is a refuge from the pow­ er of sin within (John 8:36). 4. Christ is a refuge from the pow­ er of Satan. Satan is too strong for us but he is not strong enough for Christ (I John 4:4). 5. Christ is a refuge from the wrath to come (I Thessalonians 1:10). Common sense teaches that the Christ who can save us from the power of sin here can save us from the consequences of sin hereafter. — R. A. Torrey THE WATER OF LIFE I. What It Is 1. Living (John 4:10). 2. Clear (Revelation 22:1). 3. Pure (Revelation 22:1). 4. Abundant (Ezekiel 47:1-9). 6. Free (Revelation 21:6). II. For Whom It Is Provided 1. The thirsty (Revelation 21:6). 2. Whosoever will (Revelation 22: 17).

Yasl American Bible Society Annuities have provided unfailing income since 18431

Every woman needs a safe invest­ ment with an unchanging liberal in­ come to supplement Social Security payments and other income. When income is received from stocks, divi­ dends may change as well as the value o f the stock. Savings are de­ sirable for emergencies, but bank in­ terest rates are limited by law and may vary from year to year. Annuity payments derived from a Christian purpose close to her heart are often the answer. They give her a secure income with immediate and annual tax advantages and the satis­ faction o f watching a vital Christian work grow. An American Bible Society gift- annuity is an ideal investment for a Christian man or woman. It pro­ vides a regular lifetime income that never runs out. It can even include a survivor. Rates are now higher than ever—up to 8% depending on age. This year, the 150th anniversary o f the American Bible Society, is a good time to start your annuity pro­ gram. Yon will receive great spiri­ tual satisfaction from helping the peoples o f the world receive G od’s W ord, each in his own tongue. 1816 ■ 150th Anniversary ■ 1966 440 Park Ave. So., N.Y., N.Y. 10016 I Please send me without obligation new I annuity rates and free booklet "A Gift that I Lives. I I City------------------------------------------------------ I • Date of ^ Month Day Year I I do □ do not □ have an A.B.S. Annuity I -Aridraw American Bible Society KB-46

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III. The Way to Obtain It

1. Come (Revelation 22:17). 2. Take (Revelation 22:17). WHAT SIN MEANS Romans 3:23-24

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1. I am failing. 2. I need help beyond my own strength. 3. I must seek the power of God.

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APRIL, 1966

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