King's Business - 1966-04

It is a real thrill to see others go out to work in Christian education. (Brown) My work is as Christian Education Director fo r the First Baptist Church o f Van Nuys, Cali­ fornia in addition to part time teach­ ing in Talbot Theological Seminary. (Hilty) My ministry is teaching full-time on the faculty o f Biola College. Q. Why did you go into the field? A. (Brown) My call was because o f the overwhelming and obvious need. I graduated with an MRE de­ gree, thipking I was going to go into the pastorate. Having been trained in the field o f Christian education, however, the demand was so great, I have never had time to get into the pastorate. (Bynum) My call was a definite one to teach. My first thought was to go into p u b lic school education. Graduating from Biola College in 1952, I went on to Los Angeles State College to work on my master’s. I was thinking also o f the pastorate, which is a pulpit-teaching ministry rather than an individually-centered approach which the field o f Chris­ tian education offered. The Lord really spoke to me through II Tim­ othy 2 :2 in relationship to a Chris­ tian vocation. Because o f this I went on fo r my doctorate. (Hilty) My feeling is that I real­ ly entered the field during my senior year here at Biola College when I was encouraged by both Rev. Ed Hayes and Dr. Bill Bynum to con­ sider this important ministry. See­ ing the need fo r adequate prepara­ tion, I pursued the field fo r my mas­ ter’s at Conservative Baptist Semi­ nary in Denver, Colorado.

reading, science, etc. We do not re­ quire this o f Christian education students, but rather teach them a broad view o f techniques which are applicable to the educational pro­ gram o f the church, not necessarily public schools. There is, o f course, a great deal o f similarity, but the sub­ jects are taught in the distinct man­ ner in which they will be applied. Q. How can Christian education pro­ fessors, pastors, and others interest more young people in this vital spir­ itual ministry? A. (H ilty) Through interpersonal relationships on whatever youth may be counselled. There should be a continuing program of education so that the Lord can use the dissemi­ nation o f such information to chal­ lenge the hearts o f those whom He would have work in the field. As professors, speaking in churches and meeting those desiring to prepare fo r the Lord’s service, we have a real opportunity o f communicating with them relative to these matters. (Brown) We believe th a t the church is an educational institution, and that God has commissioned us to teach the Bible completely. To carry out such a program necessi­ tates a good education program. If people are going to live the Christian life, which we believe the Bible has instructed us, it requires good teach­ ers in the field. Q. As a graduate of the Christian Education major, how are you serv­ ing now in this field? A. (Bynum) To me, the tremendous challenge has been in teaching and multiplying myself through others.

(Hilty) Two things should be em­ phasized as to the value in graduate school preparation: the discipline in­ volved and the maturity it will bring. As to prescribed tests, we have not had a vast field o f written material offered on a graduate level, not to mention the fact that there is a dearth o f faculty members who have both education and experience to adequately meet the need. (Bynum) Men with doctorates in the field are extremely scarce, be­ cause this is a new field. Here is another g o o d opportunity in the teaching field, both in the Bible col­ lege and seminary level. We should again mention that journalism is a wide-open area, not just in the writ­ ing o f Sunday school curriculum, but also in research, keeping Christian educators abreast o f the times with up-to-date methods. A. (Bynum) There should be some clarification here. First o f all, what do we mean by liberal arts colleges? No doubt this question means a Christian liberal arts school. Then, there would be a great deal o f dis­ cussion on this “ one course.” This would need a careful study and evaluation. One o f the major ad­ vantages o f offering a required in­ troductory course in Christian edu­ cation is that it will challenge more young people to consider the field vocationally. There are only two- colleges I know which have recently required all liberal arts students to take on e introductory course in Christian education. The main gener­ al offering should be a survey course which treats the materials, the meth­ ods, the programs and organization. This will reveal to the young people that the ministry is more than just a Sunday school program. They need to get the broad scope o f the over-all ministry. Q. Do the courses in Biota’s Chris­ tian Education Department overlap those in the Education Department? A. (Bynum) No, they don’t fo r they are actually correlated rather than overlapping. Students in both ma­ jors are required to take a course in Educational Psychology w h ic h is taught through the Education De­ partment. Other courses are taught distinctly and for related specialized fields. Education majors study meth­ ods which deal with math, spelling, APRIL, 1966 Q. What advantages might result from more liberal arts colleges re­ quiring at least one Christian educa­ tion course for all students?

Mr. Lowell Brown is director o f Christian Education at the First Baptist Church o f Van Nuys, California. A graduate o f Biola Col­ lege, he also teaches part time at Talbot Theological Seminary in the field o f Christian Education.


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