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This BRAND NEW book is indispensable for those who read and study the Bible. Here in one compact volume is a treasury of biblical truth, a companion to Bible study, an encyclopedia of information, and a comprehensive guide to understand­ ing the Scriptures.

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UNGER’S BIBLE HANDBOOK is literally a library of important bibli­ cal data, based on the most recent archaeological discoveries and the finest evangelical scholarship—a mountain of facts at your fingertips. Dr. Unger, author of Unger’s Bible Dictionary, spent more than five years preparing this monumental book—the culmination of decades of biblical study and teaching. This is more than a collection of miscellaneous facts. It is a carefully planned and organized commentary on God’s Word, with introduc­ tion, outline and discussion of the content of each book of the Bible and its relationship to the complete biblical revelation.

UNGER S B IBLE HANDBOOK includes: •a comprehensive, yet concise intro­ duction to the Bible, including its historical and archaeological back­ ground •a history of the formation and pres­ ervation of the Bible •an outline of the intertestament pe­ riod with pertinent statistics • a synopsis of church history, and a survey of other religions •a wealth of charts, maps, photo­ graphic illustrations, drawings and indexes

and interested layman. Compact, easy-to-use handbook size VALUABLE FOR EVERY C H R IS T IA N ... student, minister, teacher, ^ j f l * m 2 L 960 pages, 4 */." x VA " • 54.95 NOWAVAILABLE AT BOOKSTORES

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