King's Business - 1966-04

A braham rose early to stand i before the Lord (Genesis 19:27). Jacob rose early to worship the Lord (Genesis 28 :18 ). Moses rose early to give God's message to Pharaoh (Exodus 8 : 20 ). Moses rose early to build an al­ tar to God (Exodus 24 :4 ). Moses rose early to meet God at Sinai (Exodus 3 4 :4 ). Joshua rose early to lead Israel over Jordan (Joshua 3 :1 ). Joshua rose early to capture Jericho (Joshua 6 :12 ). Joshua rose early to take Ai (Joshua 8 :10 ). Gideon rose early to examine the fleece (Judges 6 :38 ). Hannah and Elkanah rose early to worship God (I Samuel 1: 19).

Samuel rose early to meet Saul (I Samuel 15:12). David rose early to do as his fa­ ther bade him (I Samuel 17: 20 ). Israel rose early and found their enemies dead (II Kings 19: 35). Job rose early to offer sacrifices fo r his children (Job 1 :5 ). The Son o f God rose early to go to a solitary place to pray (Mark 1 :35 ). Jesus rose early to go to the Temple to pray (John 8 :2 ). The people rose early to go to hear Him (Luke 21 :38). The women rose early to go to the sepulchre (Mark 16 :2 ). As an old writer puts i t : The morning is the gate o f the day, and should be well guarded with prayer.

The morning is one end of the thread on which the day’s ac­ tions are strung, and should be well knotted with devotion. If we felt more the majesty of life, we should be more careful o f its mornings. He who rushes from his bed to his business, and waiteth not to worship in prayer, is as foolish as though he had not put on his clothes, or washed his face, and as unwise as though he dashed into battle without a rm s or armor. Be it ours to bathe in the soft­ ly-flowing river o f communion with God before the heat o f day. How better can we do this than by rising early, being on time at God’s house for the study o f His Word and fo r wor­ ship?



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