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The New Testament

Unrivalled Beauty, TheKingJamesversion

Unrivalled for beauty of literary expression, the crowning achievement o f the golden age o f Shakespeare and Milton. Still the most popular o f all translations. * The American Standard Version o f 1901, widely acclaimed for its word-for-word fidelity to the Greek, has been painstakingly revised in the light o f the latest textual advances, by the Lockman Foundation. "... certainly the most accurate and the most revealing translation of the New Testament that we now have." —Dr. Wilbur Smith Translated by Charles B. Williams and published by Moody Press. It is given unusual readability by its freshness, modernity and smooth-flowing style. "Displays the ability to lake a Greek idiom and bring it across into the equivalent English idiom . . . conserves the rich color o f the Greek."— Eternity * Translated by William F. Beck, published by Concordia. Clarity and contemporaneity characterize this scholarly achievement by a renowned translator. Presented in the speech and thought forms of our day. "Meanings come through in perfectly marvelous fashion."— Religion in Life

Unequalled Accuracy ___ TheNew Americanstandard Bible-NewTestament Indispensable Modernity NewTestament intheLanguage otthePeople Essential Clarity ..............

NewTestament intheLanguage



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APRIL, 1966

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