King's Business - 1966-04


The Missionary Lilies / by Martha S. Hooker

M r s . G regg lived at the fa r end o f the street in a large old-fash­ ioned house, set somewhat back from the roadway. Folk would love to have visited on the spacious old veranda or lingered under the shady trees, but it was all so cheerless. The doors were always closed and the shades 42

drawn, though everyone knew that Mrs. Gregg was at home. Visitors were just not welcome. Mrs. Gregg herself didn’t scatter much cheer. She always wore a black dress in keeping with her sad face, and was seldom seen by her neigh­ bors.

Mary Louise Brown and her moth­ er lived on the same street and often walked past where Mrs. Gregg lived. These two were great chums, although Mary Louise w a s o n l y seven. “ Mother, I w o n d e r why Mrs. Gregg never even comes to church?” THE KING'S BUSINESS

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