King's Business - 1966-04



Owatonna. Minnesota

★ Spacious Campus ★ Sports ★ Consecrated Faculty ★ Clubs ★ Choir Write Dr. Monroe Parker, President, for Catalog *A C ollege o f Distinction”

by Allegro, McBimey I r was evening ; but little Three had had a late nap so was en­ joying the luxury of staying up. “Mommy, could I color?” he asked. “ They’re in the back bed­ room, Mommy, and it’s dark in there —real dark . . .” “Don’t be afraid,” I assured him. “ Jesus will go with you.” He thought hard. “Mommy— ” he suggested, “ how ’bout if you go WITH Jesus ’n’ me?” Jesus alone — is He enough? Or is our real, underlying com­ fort, like Th ree ’s, in “ Jesus and— ” ?: Jesus and human as­ surances, Jesus and p e r fe c t health, Jesus and financial guar­ antees . . . Little Three, don’t rest your heart in “ Christ and ” but always in Christ only. The “ and” part may fail—but Jesus never will! . . . And may we both be will­ ing to go into ANY dark place, deeply satisfied with Christ plus nothing . “ Certainly,” I said. “ But my crayons— ” “ Yes?”

Ives Today day! Kit for 10-day course contains: 1 Director’s Manual • 5 Teachers* Texts • 5 Pupils’ Books (one each for Nursery- Preschool, Beginner, Primary, Junior and Junior High) • 3 Craft Paks (Beginner, Primary, and Junior) • Publicity Supplies • Certificates • Songbook Order 9198 (10-day kit) $8.69 value, only $5.50 ■ Order 5900 (5-day kit) $7.54 value, only $4.75 FREE filmstrip “ WITNESS IN WEST- VIEW” for use in your church ■ Colorful filmstrip with LP record narration to help inspire congregation, VBS staff. Wonderful for recruiting workers, sparking enthusiasm. ■ Act today to order your introductory kit and reserve the filmstrip. At your dealer or fill out and mail coupon below.

Here is VBS with a purpose: to pre­ pare your children better than ever before to meet the challenges of to­ day’s fast moving world. GOD Lives Today is a complete program . . . one that will make Christ a living, inspir­ ing force in young lives. God’s word can be more fascinat­ ing than the latest space flight, or atomic invention. And it is — with Standard’s 1966 VBS program— designed to inspire your children with the comfort, the armor, and the strength that comes when a young mind realizes God truly does live to-

The Happy Family E ditor ’ s N o t e : Mrs. McBimey writes: "Since the time the preceding arti­ cle was written, Three and his three brothers and sister, his daddy and myself have left Santa Barbara, California, and daddy’s engineering profession and have gone out as faith missionaries (Canadian Sun­ day School Mission) into a “ dark place"; and our experience verifies the fact continually: Christ Plus NOTHING IS ENOUGH!"

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