Yankee Home Improvement - July 2018

JULY 2018



A Token of Gratitude for This Land of Opportunity

I’m thrilled to announce that this Fourth of July marks the 10-year anniversary of Yankee Home Improvement! Everyone at the company is excited to check off a full decade spent serving our wonderful customers — we know that we couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. Every Fourth of July, I’m reminded of all that this land of opportunity has given me over the years. There’s a reason, after all, that we’re the Thank You America Company™! Everyone’s been talking lately about how the United States treats immigrants, but I can tell you that when I landed at JFK Airport from my native Ireland more than 30 years ago with little more than a J-1 visa, 80 bucks in my pocket, and a few lofty dreams in my head, I was treated pretty darn well. Still, I never imagined that I would one day be the founder of a business like Yankee Home Improvement. Back in the ould sod , I’d heard the older kids tell glorious tales of summers on the Jersey Shore, speaking in hushed tones about how much you could earn working on something called a “boardwalk.” I quickly discovered that all the stories were vastly understated and that America was better than I ever imagined. It seemed that perhaps my dream of owning a business might not be so lofty after all. And after years with my nose firmly to the grindstone, working crazy hours and absorbing every word of business advice I could find, I finally got my shot. By now, you’ve probably heard my story: A shady contractor ran off with my $2,500 roofing deposit, but even then, my glowing opinion of

America was unshaken. And when I shared my roofing tale of woe, sure enough, everyone else had a similarly horrible contractor story to share. And so Yankee Home Improvement was born — a construction company crazy enough to offer a totally unique money-back guarantee. Our identity as the Thank You America Company™ is a fundamental component of the way we do business. Whenever I speak to my awesome team, I try to instill in them that same feeling of possibility, gratitude, and drive that I felt when I first stepped off the plane in New York City — just like so many other immigrants who come to our country. I know from personal experience that when you immigrate to the United States, you look at an opportunity to serve your customers as exactly that: an opportunity rather than just a job. It’s this spirit of service and passion that I try to integrate into the very fabric of the company. I’m happy to say that after 10 years and thousands upon thousands of happy homeowners later, my American dream is still intact. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for all that this country has offered me. You can bet that, at our annual Fourth of July cookout, I’ll be doing more than just chowing down on hot dogs. I’ll be reflecting on the incredible abundance and opportunity America has afforded me from the very beginning. –Ger Ronan

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