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Florida’s Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Perfect Season for Outdoor Family Activities

Winter has to be every Floridian’s favorite time of the year. Unlike residents in the northern half of the U.S., we don’t spend months with rosy cheeks and battle snow drifts every time we leave our homes. Having grown up in Chicago, I have experience with those conditions. But now that I live somewhere with perfect, summer-like weather from November through May, I’m not sure I ever want a snowy winter again. One of my favorite activities during a Florida winter is tending the garden. Again, growing up in Chicago, we weren’t accustomed to having fresh produce throughout the winter; it was either frozen or canned. But now you can find me spending my free time tending my yard and making a perfect growing environment for our strawberries, lettuce, carrots, and numerous vegetables. In the springtime, our garden becomes a home for what would typically be Midwestern autumn-harvest staples, such as tomatoes, peppers, and green beans.

near our house and dip some poles in the water. We typically toss back the bass we catch. If we want seafood, we can get professionally caught fresh fish from the grocery store. We just enjoy spending a quiet winter afternoon at the lake and connecting over a hobby I bonded with my dad and grandfather over. As a kid, if we went fishing in the winter, it was usually ice fishing — which I never liked. We just stared at holes in an icy lake for long, chilly days, and the only real excitement was when we broke out the hot chocolate. Being in my father’s and grandfather’s position now, I can see the immense joys and frustrations that come with being the parent of a young fisherman. Luckily, Noah picked up the hobby pretty quickly, so I wasn’t picking too many lines out of the weeds for very long. My family and I enjoy spending as much time as we can together outside in the winter. As Floridians know, summers in this state can be brutal. If we’re not staving off sweat at home in the air conditioning, we’re at the beach or lounging by the

pool. In the winter, we get out onto the hiking and biking trails. It’s the perfect time to explore and spend outdoor time together, and we’re fortunate that the nice weather lasts for a majority of the year rather than the other way around. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the snow a little bit. Every year, we get our snowy, chilly winter fix by visiting my family for one week and going skiing in Colorado for another. Our skiing habit began because my son wanted to try it, and I’d only been skiing in the Midwest, which is more hilly than mountainous. So we ventured to Colorado, and the trip became a tradition. Even as lifelong Floridians, my wife and kids enjoy getting their snow, sleet, and ice fix for a few weeks each year — though they also enjoy coming back to warm weather. Now that I’ve lived in Florida, raised a family, and established traditions, I have to admit that I couldn’t imagine spending winter any other way.

-Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne

When I’m not digging in the dirt, my son Noah and I like to trek over to the lake



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