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1 Learning

Teacher’s notes Module 1

Module 1 includes topics which focus on learning, study skills and academic and social life at university.

Photocopiable activities 1A Getting to know you p. 117 1B Words that go together p. 118 1C Tell us about … p. 119

Teacher’s Online Material • Test Practice Lesson: Listening 4 • Module Test 1

1 Divide students into pairs and give them 2–3 minutes to discuss the questions. Then invite some pairs to share their answers with the class. 2 Ensure students understand the questions by eliciting the meaning of instructions , opinion and advice . Give them 3–4 minutes to skim-read the passage and answer the questions, then check answers with the class. 3a Do the first item as an example with the class: give students 5 minutes to read the passage in detail and then elicit the answer. Ask students which words in the passage helped them identify the correct paragraph. Give students 5 minutes to complete the exercise individually and then get them to compare answers in pairs. 1 B 2 C

Lead-in p. 7

Warm-up Write the word learning in a circle on the board and then write the following categories in circles around it, in a spidergram: technology , people , websites , music . Divide students into groups of three and ask them to discuss how they use the categories on the board to help them learn. You could give an example such as: I often ask my father to help me with maths and calculations because he’s an engineer . Give students 5 minutes to discuss in their groups and invite different students to share their ideas with the class. Refer students to the glossary under the infographic. Also check they understand the meanings of early bird (someone who always gets up early in the morning) and night owl (someone who enjoys staying awake all night). Briefly check understanding of the infographic by asking: What does the graph show? Students could then discuss the questions in pairs, groups or as a whole class.

1 E 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 D

3b Get students to complete this exercise individually and then compare their answers in pairs. 3c You could do this activity as a whole class.

1 most productive/most creative: 12.00–18.00 least productive/least creative: 8.00–12.00 2 Students’ own answers

A 5 B 1, 3, 4 C 2

3d Write question 1 from Exercise 3b on the board and underline the key words. Ask students to complete the exercise individually and then discuss their answers in pairs. Check answers with the class.

1a Smart learners Reading pp. 8–9

1 paragraph A 2 find out more 3 always want to

Expert IELTS In Short-answer tasks, students must use words from the passage, not paraphrases or their own interpretations of the answers. Ensure students understand that they must copy the words from the passage, without changing them in any way. 4 Give students 10 minutes to answer the rest of the questions. Get them to compare answers in pairs, showing their partner the relevant section of the passage each time. Then check as a whole class, clarifying any answers as necessary.

Lesson objectives: to practise finding specific information in a passage; to practise a Short-answer questions task Warm-up Draw a table with four columns on the board, and the following headings for the columns: things that distract me from studying, things that motivate me to study, my preferred study places, good times for me to study. Check that students understand distract and motivate . Give students 4–5 minutes to note down some ideas, then divide them into pairs to compare their notes. Get brief feedback by asking a few students to share their ideas with the class.

2 confident 3 understanding the topic 4 their knowledge structures 5 other learners


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