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The Cause & The Solution: What Causes Knee Pain & Stiffness?

Because the knees’ systems consist of 3 joints, the causes of individual knee pain can vary. In some cases, knee pain occurs from the kind of repetitive motions that athletes routinely inflict on these hardworking joints. Ironically, the other extreme -- never moving very much at all -- can also lead to knee issues. Fortunately, the type of pain you feel and the activity that causes it, often reveal the underlying cause. This allows your physical therapist to evaluate the specific problem and devise the best treatment plan. For example, dull aching and swelling anywhere in your knee often indicates osteoarthritis. But a stabbing pain on the inside of your knee is a clue that a torn meniscus from injury or overuse may be the culprit. Other parts of your knee that take a beating from overuse include irritation of the tissue below your knee cap. This causes swelling and aching in the front of the knee. If ligaments actually tear (which can happen when you suddenly twist) you may feel that you can’t put weight on your legs at all. HOW PHYSICAL THERAPY HELPS Your physical therapist’s assessment can refine or even replace more costly diagnostic tools,

such as MRIs. Our trained professionals do this by determining what your knees’ current range of motion is, along with the location and nature of the pain, swelling, or stiffness you’re experiencing. These clues allow our team to create a strategy that’s geared to your specific knee problem. Hands-on care to restore ROM and decrease swelling are the keys to solving your aching knee problems. During your physical therapy sessions, you’ll begin restoring the crucial fluid circulation in your knee joints, which ensures optimum natural joint movement. PT also builds strength in the muscles surrounding your knees, providing better long-term support for the complex joint system. If you’re concerned about costly and time- consuming surgery, injections or invasive tests, contact us today. Our expert physical therapists will help you resolve your knee pain issues, while also teaching you methods of protecting your knees in the future, to prevent further pain or injury. Sources: knee-pain/ aspx?cid=b92021cb-a1ec-4f20-8b7e-37d62bc1a52ehttp://orthoinfo.aaos. org/PDFs/Rehab_Knee_6.pdf

“I started physical therapy at RPT three days after my full hip replacement. I was unable to walk unless i used a walker and needed assistance with most of my everyday needs (putting on socks and slacks, getting in and out of a chair or car, etc) My therapists were so nice and helpful, they worked with me patiently, encouraging my recovery. The front desk staff were very accommodating, they helped arrange my schedule so that I could make my appointments easily. I would recommend this physical therapy company to everyone.” -S.D.

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