A Simple Test To Determine Good Balance

“Is There A Way I Can Check How Well My Balance Is? ” A Simple Test To Determine Good Balance Health & Fitness

Here’s a simple test for you: Can you close your eyes and stand steady on one leg for 10 seconds? If not, then your balance is not up to par. Your ability to balance is an incredibly complex action that requires millions of nerves and hundreds of muscles to work together to help you move and stop you from falling over on your face. Many people think having poor balance happens in just older people. However, poor balance is one of the leading causes for sports injuries, chronic back pain and much more. Having poor balance often goes undetected until it is very severe and puts one at exceptional risk for injury. It is even worse for older adults, especially over age 65, of which one third fall each year. People who experience a fall are at increased risk for future falls too. Major injuries, including fractures, head trauma, and soft tissue injuries, occur in about 10% of individual falls. However, minor injuries are much more common. Balance and walking progressively decline as you age. There can be fears of going up steps or curbs, walking on grass or walking in dark areas of your house. One reason is joint stiffness and weakness in muscles of the hips, lower extremities and feet. When there is a loss of the mobility in the ankle joint and multiple joints of the foot, you cannot adapt well to uneven terrain.


“Do You Know That You Have More Than Five Senses? ” How This Fifth Sense Effects Your Balance Proprioception is your ability to sense the position of all your joints. With a lessened sense of proprioception, a person has to look directly at the limb they are moving in order to perceive its desired movement; something they used to do without even thinking about it. The good news is, that like any other activity, proprioception can be re-learned with physical therapy. There is a lot that can be done to improve your balance. The key is physical therapy. With hands on therapy to improve your joint mobility and simple strengthening and balance exercises taught to you, you can improve your balance, walking and feel like your normal self. The Gait and Balance Program at The Therapy Works is ideal to improve your balance, increase your walking, improve your movement and get you back to living life at your maximum potential. Ask your doctor today about coming to Therapy Works and becoming better balanced.

“ Have an older adult in your life? Want them to enjoy activity safely, with greater confidence? A physical therapist can help! ” -BuildPT.com

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Patient Spotlight:

“Helped me recover quickly!”

“When I had my first appointment at Therapy Works, I did not believe I would recover my range of motion or become pain-free once again. During my weeks of therapy, my doctor, therapists and the staff were encouraging, professional and very pleasant. Their support and encouragement did a lot to keep me enthused, which in turn, helped me recover quickly!” - Virginia D.


Suffering From Dizziness & Vertigo? How Therapy Works Can Help

Dizziness can be caused by a variety of conditions, but typically occurs from poor perception in the joints / muscles combined with visual tracking problems and inner ear coordination with your vestibular system. When the brain receives all thesemixed signals, it becomes confused and dizziness occurs. Vertigo is a spinning sensation that typically occurs because of problems between the visual tracking and balance systems in the inner ear. Physical therapy plays a crucial role in helping dizziness and vertigo, by performing several key treatments. Physical therapists can help you feel more in control and in some cases

can achieve instant results with specialized procedures. Our expert physical therapists have years of training in movement and balance analysis. We evaluate your leg strength, movement, balance reflexes and much more to determine exactly where your balance problem lies. We then formulate a complete treatment plan that will improve your balance and train you on what you can do to maintain the improvement. Come in today for a free balance and fall prevention screening with one of our physical therapists!

Do You Have An Ache Or Pain? a Do you have difficulty reaching? a Do you ache throughout the day? a Do you have trouble sleeping due to pain? If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions above and are looking for help to relieve your problem then CALL TODAY!


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Exercise Essentials Try this simple exercise to improve balance... Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Helps Improve Balance

TANDEM WALK - WALL Stand with the fingertips of one, or both, hands resting on a wall. Place the feet ‘heel to toe’ with the left foot forward. Steady yourself in this position. Step forward with the right foot, placing the heel directly in front of, and touching, the toes of the left foot. Step forward with the left foot, placing the heel directly in front of, and touching, the toes of the right foot. Repeat this sequence, moving forward down the hallway. Reverse direction, moving backward down the hallway.



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