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An Exceptional Mother’s Day

she’d be a great mother to our child, and now that I’m actually living it, I’m just blown away. I appreciate her more every day, and I’m sure my son does, as well. Being an only child and raised by a single mother, I understand the bond that exists between a little boy and his mom. I see it already with Joseph and Melissa in these past six months. It’s really cool to see the connection that’s grown between them. It’s a different connection than the one between him and me. Joseph sees her as his caretaker, while I’m more or less seen as a goofball. I really admire Melissa, especially after watching her endure pregnancy. People give me some credit for encouraging her and asking the doctors the right questions, but I don’t think I did all that much. Melissa is strong and steadfast, and that’s why Joseph is here. Time and time again, she’d go to the doctor only to be told “No, not this time.” She persisted through the disappointment and never stopped trying. She also rocked the pregnancy. We were in Scotland during the first trimester, and at about 35 weeks, we went to a wedding. She was up on the dance floor when I was ready for bed two hours prior. She couldn’t have done that if she wasn’t a badass. At least once a day, I find myself grinning because I’m filled with delight. It’s in these moments that I realize the entire experience has been worthwhile. I’m just absolutely blown away by how amazing Melissa is day after day, and we’re so happy to have Joseph in our lives.

Mother’s Day weekend has always been special for Melissa and me, but this year it will be especially so. This will be Melissa’s first Mother’s Day as a mother! I’m really excited to experience the day with her. Melissa has always been someone who you knew would become a great mother. I knew it back when I first met her in college. In college, her friends called her Momo, which I think came from her best friend’s baby brother at the time who couldn’t say her name. But for as long as I can remember, our group of friends would refer to her as “Mama Momo.” It was mostly because she was a little more responsible than the rest of us, and she would take care of us. She would cook us dinner, and she even took me to the hospital when I broke my leg.

Melissa and Baby Joseph

“She couldn’t have done that if she wasn’t a badass.”

Thinking back, for as dumb and immature as we all were, we all realized she had a strong maternal instinct. It’s true that it was more of playful joke — “Oh, here’s Mama Momo telling us to be careful!” But now that I’m more mature, I realize a part of me always knew she was going to be a fantastic mom. Everyone talks about having an “it” factor, whether in business or sports. Becoming a mother was Melissa’s “it” factor. I don’t know what “it” is exactly, but she’s always had “it” when it came to motherhood. I knew

anniversary, but this year, we’re going to lay low and really enjoy each other’s company. Melissa deserves to have a day devoted to her. She’s worked so hard to be the best mom she can, and we all appreciate her. I’m euphoric that this is her first Mother’s Day, and I can’t wait for all the ones to follow.

This Mother’s Day is going to be really special for the three of us. We usually go to Naples for our

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