Harrell's Turf EOP - Arizona

EARLY ORDER PROGRAM END-USER Ef fective Dates: October 1, 2019 – December 13, 2019

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Rebate Level

Minimum Rebate

Rebate Bonus *


 500-  999


2019 PBI-GORDON CORPORATION EARLY ORDER PROGRAM INFORMATION: • Toqualify,theparticipatingend-usermustearnarebateminimumof$100. • ProductsmustbepurchasedfromaPBI-GordondistributorbetweenOctober1,2019andDecember13 2, 019. • Thisprogramappliesonlytoqualifiedend-userprofessionalsingolf,lawncare,sportsturf,schools,sodfarms,andotherturfmanagementareas. Distributorsalestodealersdonotqualifyforthisend-userrebate. • ProgramcalculationswillbecompletedatthesolediscretionofPBI-Gordon.Orders invoicedandshippedtoend-usersaresubjectto verification. Ifvariancesoccur,paymentreconciliationmaybenecessary. REDEMPTION: To be eligible to receive your rebate, complete the following: 1) Complete the online format EOP.PBIGordonTurf.com. 2) All claims andW-9s must be submitted no later than January 31, 2020. 3) If online form is not available, complete the attached formandmail with copies of invoices to: PBI-Gordon Attn: End-User EOP, P.O. Box 860350, Shawnee, KS 66286 4) PB GI- ordon will not pay rebates on returned inventory. Orders invoiced and shipped to end-users are subject to verification. 5) Rebates will be paid by July 31, 2020. 6) Rebates may be issued in the formof a check or distributor credit. If you want a check sent directly to you, youmust provide aW-9 by January 31, 2020 or it will default to distributor credits. PRICING AND TERMS: 25% *Rebate bonus is calculated from the rebate amount. Example: If your rebate is $750, your rebate bonus will be $112.50 ($750 x 15%). Added together, your total rebate will be $862.50.  1,000 +

• Pricingandpaymenttermsfor listedproductsaredeterminedbythedistributor. • PBI-Gordonreservestherighttoaudit,modify,orterminatethisprogramatanytime.


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