Debrief - Drive for Results and Decision Making

Debrief-drivefor result

Insight’s from“The Sid Story” Keep giving numbered feedback to your subordinates, they may not listen to it for some time initially Appreciate your subordinates whether you like them or not Create belongingness in the team Be a 9,9 Manager i.e. high on task and high on relationship Maintain transparency in the feedback Reward big performance Do ask for help from your subordinates Give both planned and spontaneous recognition to your subordinates

Insight’s from“Mission to Enernova” Following diagram shows the strategy used to crack Mission to Enernova


Constraint Analysis

Risk Analysis


Decision Making





Insight’s from“The Sid Story” Stick to one thing at a time, do not mess up by doing two to three things at a time Plan like a tortoise, implement like a heir Observe the data carefully List down objectives very carefully Look for explicit and implicit constraints Brainstorm Have fun while planning Critically review the plan, ask questions Have a clear communication Do not hesitate in asking for help Engage all the team members

Insight’s from“The Miracle Man” Importance of planning Set short term and long term goals and act accordingly Be intrinsically motivated Never be SNIOP (Susceptible to Negative Influence of Other People) Persistence and perseverance are indispensable

Process of Planning Open Systems Model for Goal Setting and Planning Importance of Planning and Decision Making Setting SMART Goals Understanding Strategic Goals of Organizations Percolating Organization’s Objectives till the bottom of the hierarchy Actions for Effective Feedback

Video“The Sid Story” Mission to Enernova Video“The Miracle Man”

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