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Psychologists and self-help gurus say it doesn’t help to dwell on where you’ve been. But what if walking backward — literally — could benefit your health? According to a 2023 CNN health report, walking backward is a unique exercise regimen with potential advantages for your joints. Contrary to traditional forward walking, retro walking, as it is often referred to, engages different muscle groups, fosters improved balance, and contributes to overall fitness in various ways. One of the primary benefits is the engagement of muscle groups not heavily used in forward walking. When walking backward, you use your hamstrings, calves, and glutes to a greater extent. This variance in muscle engagement can lead to enhanced strength and toning, providing a good workout. Walking backward can be particularly beneficial for those recovering from injuries and/or dealing with joint issues. The unique motion of retro walking puts less strain on the knees, making it a safer alternative for damaged joints that still delivers cardiovascular benefits through a low-impact workout. As people age, balance and coordination are crucial components of overall fitness. Retro walking challenges both brain and body to adapt to a different spatial orientation,

enhancing coordination. For older adults looking to maintain or improve their balance, retro walking can be a tactic to reduce the risks of falls and related injuries. Just start slow. The psychological benefits of walking backward also cannot be overlooked. It’s just plain fun to walk backward, and the low stakes of this exercise can excite those doing it to continue adhering to it. While walking backward may seem unconventional, the benefits are compelling. From targeted muscle

engagement to reduced joint impact and enhanced balance, incorporating retro walking into your fitness routine can be a valuable addition. As always, it’s best to ask your primary care physician if it would suit your unique needs.

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