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B R I L L I A N T LY J O I N E D - U P M A R K E T I N G

We are a marketing agency, designed to work with businesses that want to grow . W E L C O M E T O A C C O R D

Having been around for almost 30 years, the strength and depth of our expertise is second to none.

With consumers accessing multiple channels in multiple ways, we help our clients by devising, designing and delivering campaigns that build brands, increase sales and solve their toughest marketing challenges.

We have a proven track record of working with start-ups, challenger brands and market leaders.


C O L L A B O R AT I O N 2 Encourages a culture of continuous learning, drives innovation, inspires a sense of community and increases productivity.


We take pride in our professional approach, friendly demeanour and determination to deliver an outstanding service - but it is our company values that form our DNA. They guide the way we work with our clients, business partners, suppliers and each other.

Wo r k i n g h a r d

Means we keep our promises and take personal responsibility to perform to the best of our abilities - day in, day out.



O P E N N E S S 4 Is important to us because we care, really care. It means we embrace change and value the strengths, experiences and perspectives of others. We realise that no matter how long we’ve been around, we couldn’t possibly have experienced everything. At Accord there is a genuine desire to learn, seek input from others and be receptive to new ideas. R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y

Through working hard, driving collaboration, taking responsibility and being open-minded, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.


OFFLINE PORTFOLIO p l a n n i n g | b u y i n g p r i n t | T V | r a d i o o u t d o o r | d i r e c t m a r k e t i n g c r e at i v e


DIGITAL PORTFOLIO S E O | P P C e m a i l m a r k e t i n g p r o g r a mm at i c | s o c i a l m e d i a w e b s i t e s | D ATA a n a ly s i s


Experienced, flexible and energetic , clients come to us for ideas, service and results. Most consider us true extensions of their team, working closely with us to develop and implement every stage of their marketing plans. From initial strategy, through branding and positioning, audience profiling and campaign planning, it’s our job to brilliantly blend strategy, creativity, content, technology, innovation and meaningful insights. O U R A P P R O A C H


We focus on goals, audiences, messages and PERFORMANCE, not on stand-alone tactics .

A L L U n d e r p i n n e d b y fa c t u a l a n d m e a s u r a b l e d ata .




Our approach means that we get really close and personal to both your existing consumers and new ones. We know what powers their decisions, their likes, dislikes, motivations and inspirations. By combining market research, media consumption and consumer behaviours, we can expertly guide our clients through the maze of media options and latest technologies in order to deliver truly effective campaigns. is at the heart of everything we do .

M E D I A T O O L S We have invested heavily in the necessary planning tools to provide our clients with the media intelligence and customer insight they need to understand, reach and talk to their customers.

C U S T O M E R S The consumer journey has changed from a linear path to a cross-channel cycle. Using customer database postcodes, we create profiles and analyse media preferences.



We provide our clients with valuable insights borne from consumer trends, market research and competitor mapping.

T H E M E D I A We make sense of the media, and extract maximum value. It’s our job to know which media influences customers, and when.


O U R p e o p l e Our MARKETING expertise is at the core of what makes us different , but to deliver that difference we need the best people for the job. We bring our collective experience and skills to offer brilliantly joined-up campaigns, designed to enhance your brand, maximise return on investment and sell more stuff. Enthusiastic, flexible and “super lean”. To us, that’s a special blend of expert, dedicated teams with fewer layers and more doing. To our clients, that means getting the most from their budgets.



To stay competitive, brands must engage prospective customers in conversation, pique their interest, make them curious, and connect with them in the right places, at the right times. FIND MORE CUSTOMERS, DO IT FASTER, MAXIMISE ROI .

We help you establish your business objectives and identify exactly what needs to be done to achieve them.

With our integrated marketing expertise, we combine data, insights and unbound creativity to get people loving, sharing, calling, clicking and buying more of our clients’ brands, more often. All the time, our commercial focus is on acquisition, engagement and conversion.


We always say that our best work is yet to come, not because we like clichés, but because we believe the more we practise, the better we get. W I N N I N G H E A RT S , M I N D S A N D AWA R D S

In recent years we have won, and been shortlisted for, several awards that recognise our creativity, innovation and marketing expertise.

We love awards, but more than anything we love testimonials from very satisfied clients who appreciate the work we do for them. When they are happy, we’re happy.


Accord always deliver on time, on budget and on plan. A flexible, can-do team with vast experiences across the media sectors enables our business to grow and adapt to the changing customer and market conditions.”

Kathryn Munro, Managing Director

We have worked with Accord alongside a number of our biggest product providers for many years. During this time it’s been refreshing to have an agency that acts like an extension of our business rather than a service provider. Accord have shown their ability to diversify within rapidly changing market conditions and have always been driven by results.”


Helena King, Head of Affinity, Age UK Trading



L O O P our methods of capturing and attributing data provide the PERFECT foundation for accurate and consolidated reporting . LOOP is a flexible, client-focused data visualisation system that blends meaningful, actionable statistics from offline and online channels in a single, easy-to-use interface. By joining up user touchpoints and attributing data, it provides the backbone for a clean, simple, business intelligence system, which powers our own analysis and optimisation processes - keeping you and your business in the LOOP.


1 3

Unified data insights = the complete picture. T R A N S P A R E N C Y

2 4


See the opportunities and act quickly.

K N O W L E D G E Understand competitor performance.

i n t e g r at i o n Bridge the gap between online and offline.


- We embrace what we’re good at. - We love what we do. - We have decades of experience . - We know our strengths and we play to them. - We are results-driven and we set the bar high. w h y a c c o r d ?


Accord is a collection of highly experienced digital, marketing and creative professionals who create beautiful brands, innovative identities, wonderful websites and dynamic digital campaigns.

Our goal is to outperform expectations at every possible opportunity.

Working with Accord means creating a valuable and long-term partnership for the future.

It all starts with a single conversation.


Sarah Chappell Client Services Director 020 7395 9620

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