CCV Take Care 5.29.20


WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD! “Work hard, play hard, enjoy every moment you’ve got and remember that waking up every morning is a gift worth celebrating so embrace the day with gratitude.” – Unknown

SPEAKING OF MOTIVATION: SEND US OR GIVE US A POSITIVE QUOTE Daniel Emirzian (Racquet Sports): “ I love to go by a couple of simple reminders, which are: Try your best always, no matter what! It is all about personality, helping people in any way possible, being there for one another, and making sure you spread positive energy through lots of laughter and smiles! Enjoy every day. ” 🙂🙂 Lynn Hunsicker (Administration): ” Whenever I’m in a stressful situation I always tell myself “Don’t worry, this too will pass” and it always does. It’s kind of like the quote “Be strong now because things will get better.” It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever!” Jerry Gibson (Grounds): “ In theses times I would go with a quote from Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it is done” Lindsey Martin (James River Golf): I like the quote by Shirley Chisholm that says “ You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” Sarah Taylor (Membership): “ My personal motivation is It is more important to be kind, than it is to be right. My professional motivation is “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford


Recipes Provided by Thijs Rot (Valet/Front Desk):

Stuffed Peppers:


4 large peppers

• •

1 pound ground beef

• ¾ cup uncooked converted rice • 1 can tomato sauce • 1 can petite diced tomatoes • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning • Salt and pepper to taste • Parmesan cheese


• Remove tops and clean inside of peppers and place in a Dutch oven • Mix ground beef, rice, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and ¾ can of tomato sauce together and divide equally between peppers. • Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of peppers and replace tops. Place remaining tomato sauce and can of diced tomatoes in pot with peppers. Place lid on pot and bake in oven for 1 hour at 350.

Éclair Cake: More to come in the next edition!

WHAT IS THE MOST VALUABLE COVID-19 LESSON YOU HAVE LEARNED? Sherrod Hartridge (Support Services) : “ Always love your family and close friends because you never know how fast things can change. ”

Mason Harvey (Culinary): “The most important lesson I’ve learned is that it’s very important for us all to stick together. That’s how we are making it through this pandemic.”

Mike Melson (Fitness): “ Covid-19 has given us an opportunity to pause and reflect on our lives in many different ways. Unfortunately for so many there has been extreme sadness. Fortunately, for me and my family, we have been very lucky. While things have become very different, and not quite as convenient, we have found some silver linings. The Amazon truck doesn’t come by our house quite as much. That’s OK. Didn’t really need that stuff anyway. When we “can’t” it makes us appreciate when we “could . ” Our Family time has increased and the kids are home. What a beautiful spring! When things are getting out of control, and we are starting to lose it, that’s a quick reminder that we don’t have that much control anyway. Last thought …s tay in your head, take a moment, get back on the rails and work hard to find appreciation in the new world according to Covid .”


Jim Journigan (Racquet Sports):

• I am a planner and I challenge myself to have a purpose, setting short, medium, and long-term goals. • I believe in lifelong learning and opening myself up to new ideas and taking calculated risks. I try to surround myself with interesting people who inspire me, knowing that everyone has something to offer. • I try to balance my life by scheduling “personal care” time – whether it’s shared time with family and friends or exercise, reading a book, or meditating. And naps, definitely naps. • I try to keep a positive outlook - My mantra is “Living life fully and gratefully. I can’t wait to see what good comes of this.”

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DJ Robins (Building Services): Our Pride and Joy!

Maura George (Youth & Aquatics): My dog Max. He’s spoiled!

Karol Cline: (Human Resources): Bubbles at the Park with my Granddaughter

Anne Stryhn (Assistant GM): Putting the boys to work and schoolwork must go on!

MORE MEMBER KUDOS TO YOU! ALL staff at CCV. Wow, is all I can say as to how you have so positively handled the challenges of this freaking crazy time in our lives. It has been wonderful to see the spirit at CCV emerge after the doors closed, and things have slowly come back to life. Your flip books and informative emails have really served to keep the members engaged, and what a challenge this must have been! The new template for creative communication, as well as the organizational protocol to get to Phase 1 and beyond. Job well done and congratulations to you All. The positive vibes that emit from club employees in the parking lots, delivering curbside service, and simply waving in passing, is something that you should be proud of instilling in your values. I am so proud to call this club my home, and look forward to enjoying all that CCV has to offer from this learned experience. (hah, kind of.......) All the best, Margaret Valentine

FINAL THOUGHTS: LEARN FROM MISTAKES AND KEEP TRYING! Don’t let mistakes, or the fear of making mistakes, slow you down. Mistakes are going to happen and are proof that you’re trying! If you make a mistake there is only one thing to do…bounce back! Keep reading for a few tips on how.

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