CCV Take Care 5.29.20

MORE MEMBER KUDOS TO YOU! ALL staff at CCV. Wow, is all I can say as to how you have so positively handled the challenges of this freaking crazy time in our lives. It has been wonderful to see the spirit at CCV emerge after the doors closed, and things have slowly come back to life. Your flip books and informative emails have really served to keep the members engaged, and what a challenge this must have been! The new template for creative communication, as well as the organizational protocol to get to Phase 1 and beyond. Job well done and congratulations to you All. The positive vibes that emit from club employees in the parking lots, delivering curbside service, and simply waving in passing, is something that you should be proud of instilling in your values. I am so proud to call this club my home, and look forward to enjoying all that CCV has to offer from this learned experience. (hah, kind of.......) All the best, Margaret Valentine

FINAL THOUGHTS: LEARN FROM MISTAKES AND KEEP TRYING! Don’t let mistakes, or the fear of making mistakes, slow you down. Mistakes are going to happen and are proof that you’re trying! If you make a mistake there is only one thing to do…bounce back! Keep reading for a few tips on how.

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