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But just because you have a new pracDce and you have a high student loan doesn't mean that you don't do what's necessary for the paDent, whether it be in office or referral. Right on. You know, I take a stand for what I think is right, whether it's best for me from a business perspecDve or not and I would just say to our enDre audience, that you know, these are things that cause us to want to take a stand and put our money where our mouth is. You know, there are great people that are members of the ACA. You pointed that out and I want to highlight that because I have a lot of friends that may be members there as well. There are groups that you should be supporDng. First and foremost is the ICA. The ICA already has guidelines and I personally will support those. But you also have you know, one chiropracDc, even the IFCO I'm gonna be meeDng with Jack [Borla 00:21:24] next week while I'm speaking up at one of the colleges. All of these groups need resources to be able to do the things that the ACA is out there doing by compromising in my opinion, what we do as a chiropractor. I'm not looking for adding drugs into a profession that's a drug less profession or taking away our tools. If you're not uDlizing x-ray, God bless you. Maybe you're a network doctor and that doesn't fit, you do more nutriDon, whatever. As Dr. Murkowski said, if you're dealing with high velocity thrust, you certainly should consider what you're actually thrusDng into and or if it's a personal injury situaDon, you may want to consider what the heck you have going on there. Even from a documentaDon point of view, a pre and potenDally a post, which is how I always pracDced. Ken, is there anything else you want to add to this in terms of understanding some of the raDonal for x-ray? I think what I would suggest to our audience today is to definitely take the Dme to go and look at the guidelines from basically the college you graduated from, then go and if you're into a parDcular two, three, four techniques in your office, look at what those technique instructors are saying their guidelines are, and then go and look at the guidelines that have been in existence for literally years from the ICA on their x-ray, which basically, they're not just the ICA guidelines, they've submi`ed them on a naDonal level, which has been accepted and make your decision for yourself. Again, it's up to the pracDcing doctor when to x-ray. It shouldn't be based on some poliDcal organizaDon, whether it be ACA or ICA, but at least look at the guidelines and be objecDve to how that fits into your type of pracDce. If you have, like you menDoned, the high PI pracDce, you would be hard pressed to take care of any PI paDent who's injured and go into any kind of liDgaDon without x-ray evidence. Again, in that parDcular sense, I can't tell you how many a`orneys for those type of paDents have said, no x-rays, no defense. How could you defend something that you didn't examine and x-ray thoroughly and then say there's injuries or that they're paDent may have permanent spinal impairment.

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