ACA Guidelines What You Should Know

Dr. Hoffman:

Hi everybody, Dr. Stu Hoffman, President of ChiroSecure, back again with another Facebook Live event for you. I think that this issue is so important that we need to get a rounded approach from around the enCre chiropracCc profession on this ACA x-ray issue. And we've invited the ACA to parCcipate with us, to give us their view on how they came up with their stance on choice, but they've declined. At this point we haven't been able to get them on. However, we're going to sCll conCnue to educate our doctors all around this enCre profession on this subject, and today I've got someone that's been a friend for so, so many years, Dr. Mark Studin from New York. And I've known Mark since ... I don't know if he was just a student or I was, one or the other, it goes back that far that someCmes it gets a liMle bit fuzzy. But Dr. Mark has done so many things in the chiropracCc profession. And he is an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport, the College of ChiropracCc. But he has also been in joint partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, their School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. We also have Dr. Bill Owens, adjunct assistant professor State of New York at Buffalo, again, the School of Medicine of Biomedical Sciences. He has done a ton as well. And both of these gentlemen have been involved in numerous schools, their conCnuing educaCon programs and they've done a number of things to educate doctors on MRI studies and x-ray and all of that, which is why I wanted to have them on today. So, first and foremost, I want to thank both of you gentlemen for parCcipaCng with us and helping us to get informaCon out to the chiropracCc community. So, welcome, and I want to just say that Dr. Owens and Dr. Studin released an arCcle on October 13th that basically said, should chiropracCc follow the American ChiropracCc AssociaCon/American Board of Internal Medicine's recommendaCons on x-ray? So, Mark, can you help bring us in to your arCcle a liMle bit, tell us why you felt the need to even put that arCcle out there to start with? Well first too, thank you for having both Dr. Owens and myself and we really ... and I want to make this very clear, we're not making a poliCcal statement, because truthfully I think the ACA has done wonderful things through the years. Really great things. And so has the ICA. And my only poliCcal statement is there should be one CA where we all work under one umbrella. So that's my poliCcal statement. So, other than that, when we look at x-ray ... I mean, it's really not a poliCcal issue, it's a chiropracCc issue and it's not so much a referendum against that arCcle, even though I strongly disagree with a recommendaCon of no x-ray with their limited guidelines. It's really what is the uClizaCon of x-ray for in chiropracCc and one of the problems is, is that we've goMen away from mechanical spine issues and a whole spine model. And that's a problem. We're not just looking for cancers and tumors and infecCons or fractures. We're looking at a mechanical scenario in a whole spine model.

Dr. Studin:

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