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Dr. Clum:

Absolutely. I have the concerns that you've expressed and it's all the more reason for us to be doing what we're doing at this very minute. The boSom line is if you don't know the rules the rules will be used against you. If you do know the rules you can use the rules to defend yourself, to assert your posiDon, to change the other person's posiDon, et cetera. Our job today is to bring the specifics of these guidelines to the aSenDon of the pracDDoner and let he and she make a decision at that point as to how they see this impacDng their pracDce again in the low back environment. There's nothing we can do to stop somebody with an nefarious intent or even not a nefarious intent but just a misdirected applicaDon of these guidelines. The more pracDDoners that are familiar with them the more pracDDoners that can cite the literature that's associated with them and know the basis upon which other organizaDons have come to the points that they have the beSer they'll be able to defend themselves when they are inappropriately applied either by a state board or a third party payer, or any other regulatory body, or a quasi- regulatory body. You're concern is certainly well founded and our experience over the years has chiropractors has supported the way pracDce parameters and guidelines of all kinds can be misapplied depending upon the need of the person doing the applicaDon. It's something we have to deal with and you deal with that by having the informaDon at your fingerDps and being as familiar with it as possible. Thank you. Doctor Jennifer, Doctor Pedley, what a pleasure it is having you on with us today. It's an honor to me. I wanted to ask you from your perspecDve you deal with chiropractors as well as all kinds of doctors when it comes to imaging. What do you see for the chiropractor in relaDon to these guidelines? Have you have feedback directed from the chiropractor, do you have your own experience? Where do you see this? Yes thank you. Thank you again for having me here today as well. I have heard from many chiropractors emailing me, calling me, asking me these quesDons of the ACA, whether or not we DACBR's had any input on that, which we did not. We didn't have a conversaDon with ACA as far as I know of. What I do is I respond to, or I explain to the chiropractors that in general yes it's great to have guidelines because it gives us structure. However, we start to get into some concern of where it might restrict our pracDce. Then my concern is then the chiropractors are not wanDng to take an x-ray or they're too afraid to take an x- ray then they're not going to give the best care to their paDent. As well as there are many Dmes where chiropractors run into situaDons where if they didn't take that x-ray they know that they would have goSen in trouble so to speak, it would have been a medical legal case. I get really afraid that we are going to restrict ourselves or lose our scope of pracDce in being able to take x-rays. We've all seen it before is these guidelines they could be great but they don't reflect what we do as a chiropracDc clinician, as well as it just ... Sorry, I lost my train of thought here for a second. Then the paDent doesn't get the correct care that they really should. The guidelines are very concerning. I would like to see that these chiropractors don't take this so literal. It may work for only a few of the chiropractors in

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