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... It's a big vicious circle that we need to come together a liSle bit more and get more informaDon. This is not good enough right now. I totally agree. More informaDon is always going to be helpful to us. One of my concerns from a risk management perspecDve is that if the doctors start to steer leh of the x-ray conversaDon and they start taking less and less x-rays we may expect more and more injury as Doctor GaSerman said before. If we do start ge^ng more and more injury that hurts the enDre profession because whether we like it or not when it's involving a chiropractor it becomes a big thing rather than an everyday situaDon. I get concerned for our enDre profession based on that perspecDve. Bryan do you see that as being valid? Absolutely. There's hardly a day goes by that I'm not talking with a chiropractor who just received a paDent from another chiropractor, maybe a motor vehicle collision or something like that. The first chiropractor didn't take x-rays, the paDent wasn't saDsfied, went to a new chiropractor who took x-rays and was now able to discuss hypermobility or some of the other aspects that were going on in the case. The discussion always comes around to why didn't this other chiropractor take x-rays. Why didn't they recognize that the paDent's had trauma and take x-rays? That's the proper use of the red flags and the red flag guidelines is to recognize things like trauma and events that could possibly lead to soh Dssue injury or bony injury. So yes, I think that's a very valid topic, very valid comment. All right, I think we'll leave it there for today. What a brilliant crew. I'm very, very thankful to have each and every one of you on. You gave such different perspecDve on something that we've been talking about for the last couple of months. I started off in our first show really based on anger, why would someone does this in terms of these guidelines. I've hopefully matured a liSle bit in the process to want to get what Jennifer really said, a gathering of more informaDon. We really do need as a profession more and more. You all are incredible individuals that represent the profession at large with the things that you do in an everyday role. I really appreciate the perspecDve that each of you bring. Doctor Clum, I don't need to say much. Everyone knows him and his stature in his profession and what he means to us at ChiroSecure. So for everyone out there we'll conDnue the discussion and see where it brings us. Again, if you haven't already, please like ChiroSecure on Facebook. Download our app the ChiroSecure app, it's free on Google Play as well as on Apple. If you're not already insured through ChiroSecure go to, click on the link for quick quote, give us an opportunity to at least offer you a comparison since we've wriSen the most comprehensive policy that's out in the marketplace today. Our rates are great so you may actually get to save money at the same Dme as increasing the level of coverages within a policy. At least give us an opportunity to explore that and allow you to make an informed choice. We'd appreciate your support as well.

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