ACA Guidelines What You Should Know

There's something more to this that we all need to figure out and find out what those answers are. I want to know, do the guidelines even take into account the thrust component of the chiropracJc adjustment? Because I deal with the risk management aspect of it, and if somebody doesn't look and see what's going on, I don't want to get a call for another broken rib or this or that. What about the doctors that use the X-rays as an analysis for being a tool to offer the paJent the greatest outcomes? That's what I always did. What about doctors, whose goal it is to change the biomechanics, restore curves, et cetera, and need X-ray to monitor the effecJveness of the care and, potenJally, the rehab that they offer to the paJents? These are all quesJons that no one has come out and offered answers to. Let's look at some of the potenJal issues. I've already goOen calls from doctors that say that they've goOen messages from insurance carriers that they're not going to pay for their X-rays, because they're now uJlizing the ACA statement on X-rays as a reason to not pay chiropractors for another service. The public may begin to challenge the use of X-rays, as the choosing wisely gains more publicity, since Consumer Reports obviously has a vehicle into the PR machine out there, and the guidelines can become a standard of care legal issue, and that's where I get concerned. Let me tell you what we're going to conJnue to do. We're going to have future shows on this topic, because I think it is incredibly important for the profession to have an actual dialogue, not one side or the other, because there's truth on all ends of this, and we're going to have state representaJves on that may have endorsed or not endorsed the guidelines. I want to have someone from the ICA represent that perspecJve. Someone from the ACA, who hasn't acknowledged the willingness to parJcipate with us yet, but we want to get someone from the ACA to represent them and these guidelines, so that we can make sure that all of our people understand what the perspecJve is on this, since it clearly has not been explained. We want to have DACBRs come on and talk about this from a perspecJve that only they can, because they are the ones reading your X-rays all the Jme. I'll have aOorneys on, to talk about it from a risk management perspecJve. We'll also have experts that use X-ray analysis as part of their treatment protocol. We're going to keep exploring this, because I want to be open to all of our people. We have people that do nothing but network, and those people aren't in disagreement about taking X-rays. We also have people that do, whether it be CBP work or upper cervical work, that is totally dependent on analysis through X-ray. We have to be respecZul to the enJre profession and take on this issue that came out of the blue in conjuncJon with groups that are not our friends, and we have to be a liOle bit curious as to where the moJvaJon is to put this out in the public. We're inviJng all sides on, and we're going to conJnue to explore this. I hope you stay tuned with us, as we conJnue down this path on your behalf. Remember, we're always here to make sure that we help educate the doctors, to Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance ACA Guidelines and Choosing WiselyPage ! of ! 2 3

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