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And I have other chiropractors who are good friends of mine who are upper- cervical doctors and we pracEce differently and they're helping people in different ways. Some of these techniques require x-rays and some of them don't and certainly if we weren't helping people, we wouldn't have survived this long as a profession. The use of X-rays isn't something we're trying to fight for, it's something that we've used as chiropractors for 100 years. And when I went to ChiropracEc college, we had to have an X-ray on every paEent before we would adjust them. Anybody who graduated from ChiropracEc college more than 15 years ago, that was typical, even at the more diverse colleges. And now it's become narrow ad narrower and this is the applicaEon of that, into the public eye, using this choosing wisely through consumer reports, trying to say, "You know, if you're choosing a doctor who's pracEcing the way chiropractors have pracEced for 100 years, you're not choosing wisely." And to me that's wrong. And I agree. And I have to ... As I said, it's curious to me, is actually what I said on this post. And this gentleman accused me of giving out false informaEon. Well, I'd like to know what the false informaEon actually is because, what's curious is that if we know that there are parts of our profession, like it or not ... I love what you said about respecEng different styles of pracEce in taking care of people, but we have people in this profession that want us to become full medical doctors, just bring drugs in to the profession. And they want to move us into a failed paradigm, but Sid Williams, 35, 40 years ago, used to talk about the [inaudible 00:15:12] that 1958, they sold out their principle of natural healthcare spinal manipulaEon to the medical world, so that they would have funding for their schools and they would have lots of money coming into them to do whatever they wanted. All they had to do is switch their enEre curriculum to a drug based curriculum. And it does concern me that we know that we have that element within our own profession and no one has been able to share with me to date, again I'm open to finding it out, but no one has been willing to share what was the real intent behind this. Don't tell me it's for public safety, because that's a bunch of crap. There is no public safety issue in taking a chiropracEc X-ray. If you go in to with any kind of issue in this day and age, to a medical facility, they're not even taking X-rays, they're going right for a CATS Scan, a MRI or whatever else which is so much more radiaEon and there's no guessing, it's ge^ng done whether you think it should or not. That is how it works. A chiropracEc X-ray, why on Earth would anyone want to even put a damper on it, other than to shiU the enEre profession away from subluxaEon based because that's the conversaEon. And when I brought that up about SubluxaEon based doctors or actually he did, and that's why we're so concerned about X-rays, "It's not their problem." Is the response. That's what we're actually dealing with. So there's no one that can show me, so far any reason other than this medical group and acceptance in the medical community with money and everything else being a potenEal reason for coming up with this, or ruining the profession but no one can show me an actual reason Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance - ACA Guidelines Part 4 Page ! of ! 4 9

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