Focus Level 1 Workbook Unit 1


1.1 Vocabulary Free time and routines • collocations SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW 1 Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box. You can use the verbs more than once.

3 Complete the sentences with go , have or play and the words from the box. bath breakfast concerts chess cinema fun out party piano youth club 0 My friends and I always have fun when we go out. 1 I love music but I don’t often a to b because bands don’t come to my town. 2 On school days, I have a shower but on Saturdays and Sundays I a a nice, long, relaxing b . 3 Lisa and Mark a to the b every Friday. They love watching films together. 4 Mick can a the b . He goes to lessons at the local music school. 5 I sometimes a b with my grandfather but I never win. He always takes my queen quickly! 6 We always a b before we go to

go (x2) have listen play read watch 0 I go to school five days a week. 1 Tim and I

games on our phones before school


2 You

to a lot of music. Is this a good CD?

3 My mum and dad

an old film every Friday.

4 We

four books a year in English.

5 My friends

newspapers on their computers.

6 Jill: Are you alone? Jim: Yes, my parents

to work on Saturdays.

7 We

an English test every Monday morning.

8 Jack’s aunt and uncle

to the radio all the time.

school. We have bread, jam and a cup of tea. 7 It’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow but I can’t a to her b

WORD STORE 1A Collocations – have , go and play 2 Complete the texts with have , go or play . Your free time What do you do? Nikki, aged 16 I 0 go to the park with my friends. We 1 the guitar there. Sometimes, we 2

because it’s my mum’s birthday on

the same day. 8 My brother wants to a

to the local b with me but he’s only 12 and it’s for 14 –19 year olds. 9 Where do you usually meet when you a b with your friends? WORD STORE 1B

Verb + noun collocations 4 Choose the correct verbs.

Free time survey

a picnic.

Your name:


a good time. Mick and Sam

We always 3

Your age:


4 the drums – African drums. They’re really cool but some people in the park don’t like them! Molly, aged 16 I 5 shopping on Saturdays. I 6 lunch in a restaurant in the shopping centre. Bruce, aged 17 I don’t have much free time. I don’t 7 breakfast in the morning. I don’t have time – but I 8 a shower! On Sundays, I  9 snooker. It’s a great game. I don’t 10 computer games. I 11 to bed early. I’m always tired and sleepy.

How do you spend your free time?

1 read / watch / visit books 2 spend / visit / write friends 3 read / watch / write films 4 watch / write / read magazines 5 read / spend / watch the TV / the telly 6 visit / spend / watch time alone

a lot a lot

sometimes sometimes

a lot


7 watch / write / visit a blog 8 spend / watch / read DVDs


a lot


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