The Retailer - Issue 67



Bringing the convenience of the digital experience in-store The importance of retailers adopting technology as part of the customer experience to remain competitive in today’s market.




INCORPORATING DIGITISATION IN-STORE Digitisation is playing a significant role in the changing expectations of shoppers, with consumers often doing their own research before they walk into a store or even looking up product information while they browse in-store. They expect store associates to be able to provide themwith the knowledge that they can’t get themselves. It is more important than ever that retailers make changes to their in-store experience, including incorporating technology, if they want to survive in the challenging retail climate. Adopting technology in-store will allow retailers to provide a better experience. Store associates with handheld devices will be able to provide customers with immediate information regarding products (pricing, stock availability, store availability, etc.) and process transactions on the spot rather than having to direct customers back to a sales counter where they may have to line-up to be served. Arming store associates with technology will empower them to provide better customer service and engagement.

Luggage and handbag retailer Strandbags recently unveiled a new concept store in Chadstone Shopping Centre that focuses on providing a “world-class shopping experience,” with staff armed with handheld payment devices and digital screens within the store showcasing video and digital content. The new store aims to encourage customers to come in-store by providing themwith a unique and engaging experience while allowing customers to shop how they want. Recent research conducted by SOTI revealed that 57.68% of Australian shoppers would prefer to shop in a retail store that had its staff focused on customer service (providing price checks, product information, etc.) on the shop floor, rather than having them stationed behind a checkout counter. Strandbags is just one of several retailers who have caught on to the need for providing a better in-store experience if they want to keep their customers coming back into stores.

here’s no doubt that the retail industry is facing numerous challenges, with the rise of e-commerce and changing

As the convenience of online shopping continues to appeal to many Australian consumers, the demand for more then just a basic sales transaction in store will force bricks-and-mortar retailers to change the way they do things.

Growing digitisation in-store is also increasing the need for IoT solutions that eliminate downtime and secure and manage all endpoints. As the adoption of technology in-store increases and store associates rely more on handheld devices for customer transactions, disruptions or security threats to these devices will be costly for retailers. Retailers need a solution that provides around the clock support should anything go wrong. Investing in solutions that integrate mobility and IoT will help retailers reduce the cost, complexity, and downtime related to business-critical mobility. For bricks-and-mortar stores to survive in the evolving retail landscape, retailers need to seriously consider how they can bring the convenient aspects of online shopping into stores through the implementation of in-store technology that helps provide customers with an overall seamless experience. 

consumer demands, and bricks and mortar retailers need to take action now if they want to remain competitive. A critical factor that retailers need to think about if they're going to encourage shoppers into their stores is the customer experience. The expectations of the customer are continually rising, as Australian consumers no longer shop the way they used to, and retailers have to work much harder to get customers in the door and to make a sale. Online shopping has provided customers with the convenience they were after, so to ensure that they continue to visit physical stores, retailers need to offer customers something different. OFFERING A NEW SHOPPING EXPERIENCE As the convenience of online shopping continues to appeal to many Australian consumers, the demand for more than just a basic sales transaction in-store will force bricks and mortar retailers to change the way they do things.

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