Annual Report 2017


Registration is about people and their future in the organization. And it’s about our future as an organization. Each APEGA applicant is attempting to complete a life-changing transition. It’s a big deal, and we get that. We treat our potential members with respect . We honour their needs and dreams by processing their applications honestly and fairly, and as promptly as possible. But also at play is something bigger than any individual applicant or member. Registration is a critical component in APEGA’s service to the public interest . We must be certain that members have the education, experience, ethical and professional knowledge, and English-language competency necessary for a high standard of professional practice. All of the above drives us, as we near the end of the association’s first century of service.

Membership by Designation

Other = Restricted Practitioners, Examinees, Students, University Students, and Honorary Members Geoscientist-in-Training = Geoscientists-in-Training, Provisional Licensees (Geo.) Engineer-in-Training = Engineers-in-Training, Provisional Licensees (Eng.)

Professional Member (Geo.) = Professional Geoscientists, Professional Licensees (Geo.), Licensees (Geo.), Life Members (Geo.) Professional Member (Eng.) = Professional Engineers, Professional Licensees (Eng.), Licensees (Eng.), Life Members (Eng.)


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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