Annual Report 2017


APEGA delivers about 7,000 exams a year to applicants and professional members, most of them online. Exams are used to assess and confirm the knowledge and education of applicants, and sometimes to provide a first step for members towards licensure to practise in the U.S. APEGA is a national leader in the continuous development and improvement of the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE). The NPPE is used by APEGA and 11 other engineering and geoscience self- regulating organizations to confirm knowledge of professionalism, law, regulations, and ethics . All applicants for APEGA professional membership must pass the NPPE before they can legally practise. The public interest is well served by APEGA through the NPPE. Questions are regularly reviewed and improved through a national process, keeping them current and valid. Cheating on the NPPE has been significantly reduced , thanks to a migration to computer-based testing in October 2015 and the adoption of collusion detection and other test security techniques. Illegal sharing of exam content online has dropped dramatically.

End-of-Exam Satisfaction computer-based National Professional Practice Examination

Overall, did the exam assess dimensions (knowledge, skills, and abilities, etc.) that you believe are important to professional practice? 98.24%

Taking the NPPE was a positive experience

Please rate your experience with exam centre personnel 98.8%

Please rate your experience with quality of computer equipment 97.37%


(strongly agree and agree)

(excellent and good)

(excellent and good)

(yes and somewhat)


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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