Annual Report 2017


“Professional engineers and geoscientists shall uphold and enhance the honour, dignity and reputation of their professions and thus the ability of the professions to serve the public interest.” The above statement is one of the Rules of Conduct in the Code of Ethics of APEGA. It truly drives the proceedings of this committee. During the 2017 year, I, the public member, had the opportunity to be involved with the various activities of the Discipline Committee. Whether it was discussion at a meeting of the committee as whole, the orientation of new members on the committee, or the deliberation among those of us sitting on a hearing panel, it was evident that the competency and compliance of the member’s practice, along with concern for the public well-being, were of paramount concern. It is evident that the professions take their responsibility to fulfill the requirements of professional self-regulation in Alberta very seriously. The public member appointed by the government is truly welcomed and their input valued. APEGA is continually refining its governance and oversight practices. The Discipline Committee is working towards more timely resolutions of those cases under consideration, which in turn assures the public that its safety is a serious concern. Committee members are provided ongoing opportunities to increase their understanding of the professional and legal requirements of such a body and their responsibilities. Legal counsel is available to support the committee, ensuring a fair and informed process is undertaken. Hearings before the Discipline Committee are open to the public, an example of the transparency and fairness afforded to members under investigation. I continue to appreciate the opportunity to sit on this committee and bring a public perspective to the deliberations, as well as have a more informed appreciation of the professions.

Muriel Dunnigan


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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