Annual Report 2017


practices, encouraging compliance instead of imme- diately defaulting to punitive actions, and discovering the underlying reasons that contribute to regulatory issues. We sought to understand more about our members and to create more lines of communica- tion, so APEGA and its members would benefit from mutual learning. This approach enabled all involved to become more competent and knowledgeable—key attributes for protecting the public. In 2017, APEGA continued its comprehensive legisla- tive review of the Engineering and Geoscience Profes- sions Act , which has not been significantly updated for more than 35 years. We continued consultations with members and developed recommendations to create the explicit authorities and processes required to reflect the highest standards for public safety; en - hance transparency and accountability for unplanned events (e.g., industrial accidents); enable more mean - ingful, severe consequences for those who fail to uphold the public safety that Albertans deserve and expect; and provide APEGA with the explicit author - ity to investigate incidents immediately and work more proactively and preventatively. APEGA strived to work in partnership with the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) on the legislative review because ASET was included under the Act in 2009. ASET was focused on leveraging the modernization process to promote its long-held objective of giving its technologists independent scope of practice without oversight or authentication. APEGA opposes this because it would not serve the public interest and would create labour mobility issues for these technologists. Moving forward, APEGA will continue collaborating with the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Labour on modernizing the legislation. We have benefitted greatly from the ministry’s insights and guidance. As APEGA becomes a stronger regulator, we will amplify our relevance and value to members and the public. We will shape our future in creative, bold ways. I am inspired by the opportunities ahead.

F or APEGA, 2017 was marked by significant transition and transforma- tion. Council’s strategic decision to combine the duties of Registrar and CEO into one position

demonstrated Council’s commitment to creating a more effective structure that would streamline com - munication and enhance organizational oversight. As a professional engineer and APEGA member for many years, accepting this leadership position has been one of the hallmarks of my career. I feel honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to give back and advance APEGA to its next century of service as Western Canada’s largest association of self- regulated professionals. Looking ahead, I see immense possibilities, potential, and promise for APEGA. Our 2020 centennial year is swiftly approaching and with it a rare opportunity to celebrate and share with all Albertans APEGA’s rich history, milestones, and progress as a professional regulatory body. While the future is exciting, 2017 was characterized by the challenges and ripe learning that often accompany substantial change. APEGA focused on becoming a stronger, more effective regulator and building a robust, high-calibre executive leadership team that would bring vision and more stability to an organization that faced great changes in a short time. Our sharpened focus on becoming a more effective regulator occurred amidst a slowly recovering Alberta economy. The increasing unemployment of APEGA’s professional members, particularly those who worked in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, was a harsh reality that APEGA considered seriously in its member-focused efforts and decisions. APEGA’s primary role and responsibility is to act in the public interest and regulate the professions of engineering and geoscience in Alberta. Becoming a stronger regulator improves APEGA’s ability to more effectively protect the public and ensure public safety. Throughout 2017, APEGA’s approach to improving its regulatory function included proactively working with members to better understand issues and share best

Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., FEC, QEP, BCEE


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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