Annual Report 2017

‘ On the eve of APEGA’s 100th anniversary, the organization faces huge challenges. ’ The organization also manages something like 1,500 volunteers, who selflessly provide their expertise, energy, and enthusiasm in service to members, university students, children, and the rest of the Alberta public, as well as the improvement of society’s science literacy. We note that the professional dues of APEGA members are a fraction of what we pay, the public members on Council, to our own professional associations. Annual dues for lawyers, apart from an insurance levy, are $2,600. Chartered accountants pay $1,051 annually, registered nurses $584. Yet in 2017, professional APEGA members paid only $360. Council has responded to APEGA’s challenges with important initiatives, including the combining of the roles of CEO and Registrar to provide for more efficient management. The leadership team has also responded by reducing the backlog of complaints and increasing the pace for processing applications. APEGA has re-emphasized the importance of its continuing professional development program to members. To ensure that the infrastructure required to support operations is robust, changes were made to accounting practices and the association’s information technology system, including the introduction of a quality management system. APEGA has undertaken a thoughtful and detailed review of its legislation and made comprehensive change recommendations to the Government of Alberta, designed to give the organization the tools needed to be a more effective regulator. With limited resources, priorities are based on a risk-management approach and a renewed focus on improving the regulatory system, including enhancing APEGA’s investigative capacity.

At the same time, there have been improvements to member services, including a compassionate approach to membership dues payments, recognizing that there may well be extenuating circumstances. But with this 21st century approach to problem solving, APEGA has never forgotten that the public trusts APEGA to live up to the obligations of the Professional Member Oath and the APEGA Code of Ethics : that is, to keep the public safe.

Mary Phillips-Rickey, FCA, FCPA Georgeann Wilkin, RN, LL.B. Susan McRory, LL.B., ARCT


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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