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November 2019


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Truth Be Told Losing Our Way on the Search for Truth

“The very concept of truth is under attack.”

Certain people in the media like to make this kind of statement a lot these days, and they’re not wrong. But the funny thing is that they act like this is new. As if it’s just in the last four years that truth has been undermined. If we look at the history books, this is not the case. Our nation was founded on the idea of truth, justice, and freedom, but in the last 100 years, the very notion of truth has been undermined by people seeking power. Truth is something I think about a lot. It’s very important in bankruptcy. When you file a bankruptcy petition, you’re filling out around 70 pages of information to be disclosed to the court. That information needs to be truthful for your sake, because the system is based on it being truthful. When you’re talking to your bankruptcy attorney, it’s important that you’re truthful with them, too. If the information you provide isn’t truthful, you could face harsh fines or even jail time. As a whole, our society is based on the idea that people should, and do, tell the truth. That we speak honestly and stick to our word. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case anymore. If you turn on the news to learn about some big event, you won’t be given the facts. You’ll see two different people arguing about events as they perceived them. One person could claim the sky is blue, one claims it’s green, and instead of going outside to check, the media will insist both of these statements are equally valid. But truth is not up for

But the truth is not up for interpretation.

interpretation. There are two sides to every story, but there’s only one thing that actually happened. When we stop the search for truth, we’re easily led astray. We live in a time when people can be incredibly ignorant. This isn’t an insult to anyone’s intelligence, but the reality is that there are a lot of things we simply don’t know. Just because we don’t know something doesn’t mean we aren’t impacted by it. We’re ignorant to so many things that we can’t tell truth from falsehood when presented with it. This makes it easy for someone with an agenda to tell outright lies about something in order to get us to react a certain way. It often works, because we simply don’t know enough about the topic to see through their lies. There’s no way we can know everything, and no one should be expected to. However, we still have a responsibility to read and learn more. It’s easier to spot a lie when we educate ourselves. Furthermore, we

should be willing to admit when we don’t know something and check information for ourselves. With the internet, it’s easy for falsehoods to spread like wildfire, but we also have the power to fact-check. When we hear a statement about something or someone that drives us to act, we should do our due diligence and make sure that the statement is accurate first. Acting on bad information can have dangerous consequences. On a personal level, I believe it’s not enough to teach our kids to tell the truth. We must also teach them to recognize falsehoods when they see them. The concept of truth affects us every day. It’s very important that we treat truth with the respect it deserves and stand up for truth when it’s being attacked.

–Matt Dunaway

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