HWC-NWI Program Guide

Two Pathways for Your JOURNEY

Earn a certificate following your preferred pathway. Both options equally prepare you to sit for the NBHWC exam and become a certified health and wellness coach. PROFESSIONAL CONTINUING EDUCATION (80 CEC s )


• CECs available through National Wellness Institute • ACSM, NBHWC, CHES/MCHES, NWI-CWP, SHRM • No bachelor’s degree or transcripts required • Lower cost than graduate credit option GRADUATE CREDIT (12 credits ) • Your Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate and your credits earned appear on your transcript • Credits may transfer to master’s programs, including at UW-Stevens Point: • Community and Organizational Leadership • Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems • Financial aid available when concurrently accepted in a master’s program at UW-Stevens Point • Additional focus on research and new trends in evidenced-based practices


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