The Winterval Tail by Mungo & Maud




Printed by C.H.Ewswell & Sons for Mungo & Maud


For thy beloved creatures upon the land.


Your patience gentles, till we shall unfold a story of an age long past, but now set forth anew by our loyal friend and bewhiskered fellow William Shakesears.

ACT I - Scene II “Wafting his eyes to the contrary and falling A lip of much contempt, speeds from me.”

Clara Check Collar, Celeste / Mint. OTT Quilt, Mini-Check Blue.

Purity Treat Jar, White / Blue.

Benedict the Bear Toy, Cream. OTT Quilt, Mini-Check Blue. Classic Bed, Navy.

Donut-Bear Toy, Brown.

ACT II - Scene II “The silence often of pure innocence Persuades when speaking fails”.

Lettice the Lamb Toy, Vanilla. Pencil Collar, Chocolate / Pink.

Comfort Blanket ‘Bone’, Rose & Sable.

Flora Collar, Rose. Lullaby Pillow, Chocolate. Lullaby Bed, Chocolate.

Beatrice the Bunny Toy, Ecru. Milou Pullover, Chocolate / Rose.

ACT III - Scene I “The climate's delicate, the air most sweet, Fertile the isle.”

Knitted Apple Toy, Green.

Index Pullover, Fog / Emerald. Baseball Collar, Beige / Basil.

Baseball Collar, Beige / Basil. Baseball Collar, Beige / Periwinkle. Baseball Collar, Dark Grey / Nutmeg. Baseball Collar, Dark Grey / Carrot.

Beetle Coat, Pea. Baseball Lead, Beige / Basil.



ACT III - Scene III “There lie; and there thy character.”

Preppy Lead, Chocolate / Orange. Lullaby Pillow, Chocolate.

Plaited Leather Lead, Camel. Comfort Blanket ‘Bone’, Sable.

Index Pullover, Camel / Tan. Bauhaus Collar, Marigold / Taupe. Bauhaus Lead, Marigold / Taupe.

Plaited Leather Collar, Camel.

ACT IV - Scene IV “That have made themselves all men of hair.”

Kiyo the Koala Toy, Yellow. Milou Pullover, Grey / Lemon.

Milou Pullover, Grey / Lemon.

Rub a Dub Towel, White / Chocolate. Petite Amande Shampoo. Bristle Brush.

Pencil Lead, Grey / Yellow. Pencil Collar, Grey / Yellow.

ACT V - Scene III “There’s magic in thy majesty.”

Bauhaus Collar, Lilac / Obsidian. Bauhaus Lead, Lilac / Obsidian.

Cable Cashmere Pullover, Charcoal.

Bauhaus Collar, Lilac / Obsidian. Bauhaus Lead, Lilac / Obsidian. Cable Cashmere Pullover, Crocus.

Pull My Leg Monkey Toy, Oatmeal. Poesy Quilt, Caramel / Apricot. Classic Bed, Charcoal.

Exit, pursued by a dog.

Unearth the collection… Mungo & Maud 79 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PJ

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