American Consequences - April 2020

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the effort to stay connected. If you’re stuck at home, try some of these activities: Call everyone. Check in on folks, but also sit and chat. This is a good opportunity to catch up. Make good use of text messaging, e-mails, and other online messenger programs. Try a video call. Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger all have good options. And I like to use WhatsApp to help me connect across platforms. Have a virtual dinner party – use the video conference call option to sit and eat in your respective houses with friends and family. Watch a movie together. Netflix offers a Watch Party feature that will sync your account with a friend’s. It even offers a chat feature so you can chat to each other as you watch. My researcher uses this feature to have “TV night” with one of her out-of-town friends. Take care of yourselves and each other. These hard times won’t last. We’ve been keeping folks updated through our Health &Wealth Bulletin , so let your friends and family know they can sign up for more COVID-19 and stock market coverage right here.


American Consequences


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