American Consequences - April 2020

Federal Reserve Monopoly Use your photocopier to print as much Monopoly money as your supply of copy paper allows. Whenever a player lands on an “essential service” (railroad, utility, Community Chest, Free Parking, any property with a house on it, or a hotel not owned by Donald Trump), give him or her a billion dollars. Bernie Sanders Monopoly All the properties are free. Income Tax is 100%. Luxury Tax is 200%. Whoever owns Boardwalk and Park Place has to give all his or her money to the owner of Baltic and Mediterranean and spend the rest of the game in jail. Social Distancing Parcheesi The object of the game is to keep each of your playing pieces six spaces away from any other playing piece. Fox News/MSNBC Clue Forget the game itself, the most ridiculous accusation wins. For example: “Ayatollah Ali Khamenei did it with a Russian biological warfare laboratory in a nursing home in Washington State!” Alt. Right Chess Only the white pieces can move. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Jigsaw Puzzle Arrange puzzle pieces so that not a single one of them fits with any other. And, lastly, if you’re really bored... Trump Bridge played without a full deck and everything is Trumps. BORED GAMES

parental relief from kiddy racket. It’s called “Submarine.” He used it on long car trips. Dad would say, “We’re all submerged in an American submarine during World War Two and we’re being hunted by Japanese destroyers. If any of us makes even the slightest noise, the Japanese destroyers will hear us on their sonar and drop depth charges and blow our submarine to bits and we’ll all drown.” This worked for about five minutes. Then my sisters and I would begin poking each other and giggling and squealing. The “depth charge” that dad dropped was to tune the car radio to his favorite music station. Think Perry Cuomo. (A lot more boring – though less scary – than Andrew...) The second round of Submarine usually lasted longer. But if my sisters and I absolutely refused to be quiet, my dad would light a Hav-A-Tampa cigar with the windows rolled up and we’d all get carsick. Speaking of getting sick and the chief executive of New York State, you could try a game of “Governor Cuomo, May I?” “No.” But my children aren’t little anymore. So I taught my wife and kids how to play poker. This was fun... for me. I now own all my wife’s good china, my daughter’s iPhone, iPad, and Bluetooth ear buds, and my son’s entire baseball card collection. (Perhaps I should have warned them about drawing to an inside straight.) We’re getting pretty tired of all the board games we’ve got in the house. But I’ve been working on ways to modify the rules to make the games... boring in a new and different way.


April 2020

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