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TUNE UP ON YOUR PROSTHETIC If you have recently received a prosthetic or have been using one for many years, there are several reasons you may need to have some adjustments made. Keeping your device tuned up is necessary to maintain maximum comfort and mobility. There are 5 reasons your prosthetic may need a tune up. 1. If Your Prosthetic is Relatively New If you received your prosthetic device within the last few months you’ll most likely need to have it readjusted. Making sure it fits and functions as effectively as possible will likely mean having it adjusted several times after you are initially fitted. It will take a few months to get accustomed to the prosthetic and know if you have a good fit or not. 2. If You’ve Lost or Gained Weight If you’ve lost or gained even a few pounds it may change the way your prosthetic fits. You’ll definitely need to come in for a tune up to make sure it is not too loose or too tight. A change in weight could happen at different times throughout your life. This could likely happen if you hadn’t completely finished growing when the prosthetic was initially fitted. (continued inside)

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