Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

subsidiary which has a more recent version. Imagine the challenge of requiring the subsidiary to change back to the earlier version. One of the criticisms of ERP systems has been that they commoditize business processes, driving all businesses to use the same processes and thereby lose their uniqueness. The good news is that ERP systems also have the capability to be configured with custom processes. For organizations that want to continue using their own processes or even design new ones, ERP systems offer customization so the ERP is unique to the organization. Registered Trademark of SAP

There is a drawback to customizing an ERP system. Namely, organizations have to maintain the changes themselves. Whenever an update to the ERP system comes out, any organization that has created a custom process will be required to add that change to their new ERP version. This requires someone to maintain a listing of these changes as well as re- testing the system every time an upgrade is made. Organizations will have to wrestle with this decision. When should they go ahead and accept the best-practice processes built into the ERP system and when should they spend the resources to develop their own processes? Some of the best-known ERP vendors are SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. Business Process Management

Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 168

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