Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

programming language. In the case of systems development, programmers generally attempt to fulfill the design specifications given to them by a systems analyst/designer. Many different styles of software development exist a programmer may work alone for long stretches of time or work as part of a team with other developers. A programmer needs to be able to understand complex processes and also the intricacies of one or more programming languages. Computer Engineer Computer engineers design the computing devices that are used every day. There are many types of computer engineers who work on a variety of different types of devices and systems. Some of the more prominent computer engineering jobs are as follows: • Hardware engineer . A hardware engineer designs hardware and test components such as microprocessors, memory devices, routers, and networks. Many times, a hardware engineer is at the cutting edge of computing technology, creating something brand new. Other times, the hardware engineer’s job is to re-engineer an existing component to work faster or use less power. Many times, hardware engineer’s job is to write code to create a program that will be implemented directly on a computer chip. • Software engineer . Software engineers tend to focus on a specific area of software such as operating systems, networks, applications, or databases. Software engineers use three primary skill areas: computer science, engineering, and mathematics. • Systems engineer . A systems engineer takes the components designed by other engineers and makes them all work together, focusing on the integration of hardware and software. For example, to build a computer the mother board, Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 184

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