Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

Internet of Things and the Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of billions of devices, each with their own unique network address, around the world with embedded electronics allowing them to connect to the Internet for the purpose of collecting and sharing data, all without the involvement of human beings. 6 Objects ranging from a simple light bulb to a fitness band such as FitBit to a driverless truck are all part of IoT thanks to the processors inside them. A smartphone app can control and/or communicate with each of these devices as well as others such as electric garage door openers (for those who can’t recall if the door has been closed), kitchen appliances (“Buy milk after work today.”), thermostats such as Nest, home security, audio speakers, and the feeding of pets. Here are three of the latest ways that computing technologies are being integrated into everyday products through IoT:

• How IoT Works • The Smart House • The Self-Driving Car The Commoditization of the Personal Computer Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 39

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