Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

your sources. • What is the current status of solid-state drives vs. hard disks? Research online and compare prices, capacities, speed, and durability. Again, be sure to give attribution to your sources. Labs 1. Review the sidebar on the binary number system. Represent the following decimal numbers in binary: 16, 100. Represent the following binary numbers in decimal: 1011, 100100. Write the decimal number 254 in an 8-bit byte. 2. Re-read the section on IoT, then look around your building (dorm, apartment, or house) and make a list of possible instances of IoTs. Be sure to list their location and likely function. 1. Moore, G. E. (1965). Cramming more components onto integrated circuits. Electronics Magazine , 4. 2. Huang, J. (2018, April 2). Move Over Moore’s Law: Make Room for Huang’s Law. IEEE Spectrum . Retrieved from valley/computing/hardware/move-over-moores-law-make- way-for-huangs-law 3. Wikipedia . (n.d.) Universal Serial Bus. Retrieved from 4. Stevens, J. (2017). Mobile Internet Statistics and Facts 2017. Hosting Facts , August 17, 2017. Retrieved from 5. Statista . (2018). Global market share held by tablet vendors 4th quarter 2017. Retrieved from shipments-by-quarter/ 6. Ranger, S. (2018, January 19). What is the IoT? ZDNet . Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 42

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